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How many pokemon in this game

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User Info: Senact

3 years ago#1
Does this game contain all 6 or 700ish (no idea how many there are) in the game? Or does it only contain a select few hundred from the entire roster? I'm new to the series and I am only vaguely familiar with the first 150. Considering getting into the game with this release, and curious what to expect. If the game does contain all of them and I was crazy enough to try and get them all, can you store that many on your save file?


User Info: Hachimitsu83

3 years ago#2
According to my trusted source.

It will about 865 pokemon

User Info: Tigo73

3 years ago#3
We don´t know yet, but the games generally do a good job of having most Pokemon available in one generation, even if you have to wait for the third version. There will probably a few (such as starter pokemon) you have to trade from other versions though.

Also, the game generally gives you enough excess space for all Pokemon+some, but if even that´s not enough, you have the Bank app coming out this December.

And about the total number, all we know is that the 700 threshold has been surpassed.
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User Info: PyroFly X

PyroFly X
3 years ago#4
Does the game have the ability to have them all? Yes. Transferring from Gen 5 games is confirmed. So it is possible to have all the old Pokemon here.

Trading is always an option as well.

Whether or not you will be able to catch all of them natively in this version of the game is unknown but doubtful.

Chances are it will be like previous generations, with a lot of old gen Pokemon included, but some that are not.

Until it comes out, we don't know for sure!
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User Info: Senact

3 years ago#5
Ok, sounds good.

Thanks for the input
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