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About Mega Evolutions.....

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User Info: jEr3mY

3 years ago#1
Is it just me or does the designs of them seem like some "Deviant Art" style drawings??

I'm not saying they're crap.. they just seem like some artwork that you'd find on Deviant Art.....

Anyone else think like this??
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User Info: adrianoadj

3 years ago#2
I guess you are right.. though I like it anyways

User Info: ZeroxKnux

3 years ago#3
Yeah for the most part they seem like a 14 year old's version of cool and edgy designs. Some of them are ridiculous enough though that they make me smile. Blastoise and Ampharos come to mind

User Info: NeonDragon9000

3 years ago#4
I have no idea what the TC is talking about. They don't look anything like that.
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