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Your reaction: Mirror B is the leader of Team Flare

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User Info: Emoglobin

4 years ago#21
ExcIusivity69 posted...
KariyaLollipop posted...
I'd be the happiest man alive...
so long as he has his Colosseum and not his XD theme :)

I prefer his XD theme.

His XD theme is miles better. It actually fits his disco visual theme, as opposed to the salsa music from Colosseum.
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User Info: Shinebolt

4 years ago#22
I will cancel my pre-order and refuse to purchase any other pokemon game in the future.

Unless he has his theme. No theme = pokemon is dead to me.
Take this post seriously at your own risk.

User Info: ChrisZX93

4 years ago#23
It'd be the best thing ever for this game, in my opinion. (Next to customization, obviously)

User Info: jeffdogworthy

4 years ago#24
What about Mirakle B
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User Info: wind64a

4 years ago#25
I'd be very disappointed that Miror B's less zany cousin got in over him.
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User Info: scubasteve42

4 years ago#26
AlI_About_The_U posted...
Not Ric Flair. Disappointment.
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User Info: kito-efil

4 years ago#27

Dat sudowudo..................
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