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Just getting home from a pokemon bar night.

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User Info: FinalFantazyv2

4 years ago#21
As a bar veteran and someone who has personally worked at a strip club I can only say that unless you brought a female who's into that stuff no man who brings a DS into one of those places is getting laid. Or phone numbers. Probably would get beat up doing something like that. Unless its one of those Hipster type bars that draws an abnormal crowd. Most bar and club attendees would be completely against that kind of behavior.
Oh. Well. Alright.

User Info: fedartz

4 years ago#22
pokemon2poker posted...
fedartz posted...
pokemon2poker posted...
How do you know she didn't poke mine first? She's playing pokemon, and I'm playing poker.

Just intuition, I dont know there are girls who play pokemon.

They're more prevalent than shiny pokemon.

Man, in my country they (the gals) are almost nonexistence

Its really like finding needle in a haystack.
We are at the brink of anarchy
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