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Curious what the most common theory of the Starter dual types will be

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User Info: reaverz

3 years ago#31
Lexifox posted...
I think that the leak was right the first time, and we're getting Grass/Fighting, Fire/Psychic, and Water/Dark.

This, and I'll be very happy if this ends up correct. Grass/Dark is a pretty sad typing, while Water/Dark still has a chance to do something with decent starter-level base stats. Grass/Fighting would be so much nicer for Chespin's final evolution.
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User Info: Jaricko

3 years ago#32
ExcIusivity69 posted...
There are people that STILL doubt the leak??!!

Well i do not assume the sun is gonna rise tomorrow either. I have no 100% certain outcome listening to leaks. It may be a high probability but its not a 100% probability. Just like for all we know the sun could explode tomorrow due to unseen circumstances.
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User Info: henriue

3 years ago#33
Fire Fairy/ Fire Psychic
Water Dark
Grass Fight/Grass Steel
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User Info: FuneralCake

3 years ago#34
The leak was wrong the first time because WPM mixed things up. It wasn't the leaker. The leaker had said all along that they would be Fire/Psychic, Grass/Dark, and Water/Fighting.

User Info: Tyranidomega

3 years ago#35
RoleOfGSHC posted...
At this point, I can see either a reverse or a reinforced triangle happening.

Either the reverse path:


or the Reinforced path:


I'm hoping for the reverse path, but I've got a feeling it'll take the reinforced path instead.

The reversed path would've been Grass/Dark, Fire/Psychic and Water/Fighting
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