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Assumption thread on Pokemon

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User Info: omegaGogeta

4 years ago#1
This is a topic to make assumptions since we have no complete and real proof about certain Pokemon. Such as the final line for the new starters. Here we go.

Froakenstein would be an interesting end to the Froakie line. Water/Ghost.

Chespin would follow it's line to something along the lines of Shiedle(Idk. Can't figure anything clever.) Grass/Steel

Fennekin would have to be something like Spellin(lolwut right?) Fire/(Fairy/Psychic)

Pinsir gets a Mega Evo as opposed to a prevo or a straight up evo.

Endgame legendaries from previous gens and new gen get mega forms.

Side legendaries excluded from mega forms.

Tauros/Miltank get evos.

Side legendaries are Ghosts of past present and future. Ghost/(Fairy/Dark/Psychic)

That's all I can think of. Anyone else up for throwing stuff out there that you think will happen?
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