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Name one really bad Pokemon, one really good Pokemon and one legendary that.....

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User Info: Dark343

4 years ago#21
Bad: Golurk
Good: Volcarona
Legend: Darkrai/Zapdos
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User Info: ZTIger5

4 years ago#22
Bad: I must agree Drifblim could use the boost. Mainly because it's one of my favorite Ghost-types.
Good: Torterra. Torterra counts, right? It's like the best Grass-type I've ever seen.
Legend: Raikou. Giant badass lightning sabretooth tiger please.
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User Info: icicleblade

4 years ago#23
Bad: Grumpig
Good: Excadrill
Legendary: Palkia

User Info: Donniedonz

4 years ago#24
Not really sure what constitutes "good" or "bad," as it seems a bit vague here. What I will say is that Flygon is in desperate need of a Mega. It needs something to separate itself from the mightier dragons, like a substantial speed boost. It did always look fast.

As for a legendary, Darkrai could be really cool with a Mega Evolution.
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User Info: SackBoi

4 years ago#25
Not sure don't care if I think they are bad
Pretty much all the pokemon that got the mega evos I was super psyched for and wanted; but uhh Zoroark and all the mainstream dragon pokemon evolution chains in each generation.

Then definitely Giratina and maybe Lugia. But as my theory all pokemon will get mega evos the only ones I could see not getting it is the Eevee's but now I think it would be weird to leave out eevee's so now I am thinking crap maybe it is only a select few that get mega evos.
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User Info: WobbuffetGod

4 years ago#26
Sky Form Shaymin

Not a fan of Legendary Megas in general, but I'd love the biggest dick in Pokemon to become even more of dick.

User Info: Thanos510

4 years ago#27
Bad: most bug types
Good: arcanine
Legendary: regigigas

Hoping for: gliscor, heracross, flygon
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User Info: Unbridled9

4 years ago#28
Bad: Butterfree

Good: Gardevior is good, right?

Legendary: Ho-oh
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User Info: rayoflightning

4 years ago#29
Bad: Farfetch
Good: Gengar
Legendary: Raikou
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User Info: LibranFire

4 years ago#30
Bad: Serperior
Good: Any other starter. Infernape I guess?
Legendary: Lati@s
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