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Quick complaint about Aurorus

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User Info: niklnip

3 years ago#1
Okay let me be a butt and point this out. I don't like the way that the sails on Aurourus are setting. They both look like they're coming out of the same side of its head.

Otherwise, I like it better than Tyrantus honestly. Just a wee tiny bit. I want both of them >3<
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User Info: Octaivian_Rex

3 years ago#2
The 3D pic shows that they are fine.

User Info: xGummiBearsx

3 years ago#3
Aurorus looks fabulous.

Well that's only one picture, I'm sure the 3D model will fix your pickle.

User Info: mnkboy907

3 years ago#4
Eh, not really. Even in the artwork you can tell there's a purple section in the middle between the sails. - Number of people that D'awwed: 76
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