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What pokemon are 100% going to be in your team?

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User Info: Minotaurs_Maze

4 years ago#81
1. Chespin or Gogoat

2. Talon Flame

3. Clauncher

4. Tyrunt

5. Honedge

6. HM Mule

This is will be my team, with 100% assurance.

This team is subject to change depending on what new pokes are revealed.

User Info: SuperMario91

4 years ago#82
Treecko (please let there be a mega Sceptile)

User Info: Tyranidomega

4 years ago#83
Tyrantrum is the only solid one so far.

I'm still torn on the starters, so I'll wait for the final evos. And I want to see the full Kalos dex so I can plan out my team.
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User Info: gules222

4 years ago#84
In X:

In Y:
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User Info: UkichiTachibana

4 years ago#85
*Insert every giant legendary*

and Zangoose.

User Info: TweetTweetBirdy

4 years ago#86
pika pika

User Info: Jirilicious

4 years ago#87

That's it for now.
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User Info: SorceressTharja

4 years ago#88
Talonflame, Fennekevo.

User Info: MisoSoup27

4 years ago#89
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User Info: BlackAgumon5

4 years ago#90
Four words is, tyrunt, chespin, helioptile, and maybe ralts (It will evolve into kirlia then gardevoir)
Uh... What?
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