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Best Kalos Pokemon?

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User Info: Defaze

4 years ago#11
Aurorus, Skrelp, Spritzee.

User Info: biohazard151

4 years ago#12
Frogadier right now. I do like tyrunt and his evo though, so maybe them.
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User Info: JoJoX200

4 years ago#13
Pangoro and Swirlix fight for first place. Tyrantrum takes an easy second. -- Fakemons and other stuff

User Info: LoveSquirtle

4 years ago#14

That is all.

User Info: BottledPoe

4 years ago#15
Skrelp. He looks cranky and adorable.
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User Info: ArcaneRainbows

4 years ago#16
I really like Tyrantrum, Clauncher and Xerneas.
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User Info: McFastly

4 years ago#17
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