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Is this not a face of a Champion?

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User Info: DarkFists

4 years ago#11
Doctor_Spanky posted...
Ash doesn't have to be a winner for the anime to be watchable, he just needs to be an actual character and not a soulless marketing shill like he is now

This. If he can get back up to Gen 4 Ash, I think everything will be fine.

I'll still continue to mock him for putting his life on the line for random Pokemon though :P

User Info: JackSolomon

4 years ago#12
Just out of curiosity, do we have any confirmation that that Garchomp he was dodging ISN'T his Gible evolved and on a rampage?

User Info: SuperSonicDBZ

4 years ago#13
Hughs_Rage posted...
Ash actually looks kind of cool in this season

I...MIGHT just watch the anime
Donnel is my # 1 bro. We fist bump, slay some risen, eat some chicken strips, bomb the Valmese and steal sugar from Gaius on a daily basis. Like a Boss. FE:A
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