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So apparently Serena knew Ash since they were kids?

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User Info: Nanabobo

4 years ago#111
I've subscribed to the Ho-Oh theory since I heard it. Ho-Oh granted Ash a universe of eternal childhood adventures with Pikachu and friends.

I mean, a show that literally retcons itself (Pikachu has, in relative order, defeated a Rhydon with Thunder; had to "aim for the horn" to hit it; had to hit the Rhydon's wet tongue to conduct electricity; and had its Thunderbolt absorbed in a double-battle by Rhydon's Lightningrod ability) doesn't need to worry about canon, but it's a fun theory.

But I can't be the only one thinking it's ridiculous that Pokemon is pulling the classic "childhood best friend of the opposite gender that I've never mentioned even once" thing, can I? The anime isn't the most plot-heavy thing in the world, but you've gotta admit it's amusing that they're pulling from one of the most overdone anime stereotypes in existence after over 15 years.
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User Info: whdks

4 years ago#112
I just had a weird theory that Serena is actually Leaf.

User Info: zxzxi

4 years ago#113
I have no problems with anyone using Math to explain an anime theory.
Screwattack's "DEATH BATTLE!" series uses it and it's still very entertaining.
Plus I know at some anime conventions they have panels specifically for using math and/or physics to either:
A: explain how something from anime works.
or, more likely, B: explain what SHOULD have happened.
I've been to Naka-kon just outside of Kansas City, KS, and personally seen a panel usually run there that does 'B' and it's usually a very popular panel.

Sure, Ash should be older, but they stated he's 10, and as much as I hate it, that's their fact, but there's no reason people shouldn't be allowed to come up with realistic (or not) theories to explain something in a fictional world. Why? Because it can be fun! I personally don't care for the method as long as what they said makes some sort of sense.

You can like it, you can hate it, but the fact is, people do it, and that's fine.
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User Info: boarbaque

4 years ago#114
Serena looks a lot older than 10. Ash is older confirmed. Max will be a gym leader. Max has a sister named may. They have the same letters except for one. Those letters are x and y. Max and May are form gen 3. Hoe in confurmd
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  3. So apparently Serena knew Ash since they were kids?

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