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My team thus far.

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User Info: Monkins42

4 years ago#1
Froakie, because he is going to be incredible when he's fully evolved.

Helioptile, because he's a super cool electric lizard that'll most likely evolve into something awesome.

Aurorus, even though is terrible defensively, its design is without a doubt my favorite design of this generation.

And I might pick up Bulbasaur or Charmander for my team, I really want to use Kalos pokemon only, but I also want a Pokemon I can Mega Evolve.

What about everyone else, who are you planning on using?
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User Info: ArabianPenguins

4 years ago#2
So far, my team will be:


I'm planning on using sixth gen Pokemon only, so I'm waiting on the entire Pokedex to be released first before I decide.
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