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History of your pokemon versions

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User Info: Ortiz92

3 years ago#1
First i got red, blue and yellow at the same time as a birthday gift from my parents
Then I got silver and gold at the same time for my next birthday
I never played crystal
I played sapphire because one of my friends lend it to me
Never played ruby
Got emerald from a friend
I bought Pokemon diamond and platinum, never played pearl
Got Pokemon black and then Pokemon white 2. I played the Japanese version of Pokemon black 2

What about you guys?
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User Info: Patriarch105

3 years ago#2
I played Blue and now I'm going to get X or Y.
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User Info: KeyserVance

3 years ago#3
Gen I - Blue, then Yellow
Gen II - Silver
Gen III - Emerald
Gen IV - Diamond, then SoulSilver
Gen V - White
Gen VI - Will be getting Y
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User Info: giant_joe67

3 years ago#4
here's my history:

blue ---> silver ---> sappihire ---> firered ---> emerald ---> pearl ---> heartgold ---> platinum ---> black 1 ---> white 1 ---> white 2

i playing 12 pokemon games, but it's be soon be 13 when i get pokemon Y.
i can't change your future, but only you can.

User Info: oshkoshbjosh

3 years ago#5
Gen 1- Red and Yellow.

Gen2- Silver

Gen 3- Sapphire

Gen 4- Diamond, Platinum, and Soul Silver

Gen 5- White and White 2.

Gen 6- I won't decide until I see the full extent of the exclusives.
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User Info: DarkDragon386

3 years ago#6
Sapphire/Ruby (got both for Christmas, started Sapphire first)
FireRed/LeafGreen (got both for my birthday. Started FireRed first)
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User Info: Gensokyo

3 years ago#7
Fire Red
Heart Gold
White 2

User Info: GX1997

3 years ago#8

Also played Gold between Leafgreen and Sapphire,never owned it.
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User Info: Kitschgardener

3 years ago#9
2011: Black, White, Platinum, Pearl, HeartGold
2012: Emerald, White 2, LeafGreen, FireRed
2013: None yet, intending to get Y.

User Info: XWolfO

3 years ago#10
Played Blue for about a week when my cousin visited, then I asked my mom to get it for me, and she got me Red. Completed Red and caught them all with my cousin's help.
Then I got Silver, and dropped it in a toilet before finishing.
Then I got Ruby. Loved it so so much. Hated the water though.
Then I got Emerald. Loved it even more and fell in love with Grovyle (don't ask, seriously).
Then I got FireRed and rediscovered my love for gen 1 and it's Pokemon.
Then I got Diamond and hated it. It was sooo slow. Also didn't like many of the new Pokemon.
Then I got Platinum and loved it. It wasn't so slow anymore and I started to love the new Pokemon.
Then I got HeartGold and loved it more than any Pokemon game to date.
Then I got White and it was alright I suppose. Only played it all the way through once and called it quits. Didn't like the new Pokemon that much.
Then I got Black 2 and it was so very easy and it was enjoyable I guess. The Pokemon grew on me at least, so that's good.

Looking forward to getting Y soon. I already know I'm gonna love it.
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