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History of your pokemon versions

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User Info: gohoanq

3 years ago#11
I got Blue the day it released here in the U.S. Then...
Crystal from a friend,
Pearl a little later,
White 2,
and on the 12th Pokemon Y. :) Then a little later when I get the cash, X.
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User Info: MoonLightCloud

3 years ago#12
It's been so long, but I'm 90% sure I got Red/Blue at the same time, no idea which one I played first, but my Red got corrupted, so Blue became my main game.
I never got Yellow.

I got Gold and Silver at the same time, but I ended up trading my Silver to a friend because he gave me Gold + Oracle of Ages/Seasons (one of them, I owned one already and wanted the other) for it, but when I told my mom about it, she was like: "Your friend is stupid, why would he give you 2 games for 1?" So for some reason I felt bad and gave him the Gold version back.

I wanted Crystal, but a friend of mine got it along with a GBA for his 12th birthday. A month later he was killed. I never bought Crystal and I've unsuccessfully attempted to play it on an emulator. I have to one day, but it's just so hard. He was at my house the night before he died and he loved that game so much.

I had no idea Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire were even coming out, and I stumbled upon them at the PX. I liked the box for Sapphire more and picked it up. Loved that game so much.
Almost the same thing with Leaf Green. I hadn't really kept up with Pokemon news, but I saw it at the store and was just thinking: "Man, this is out already?" All my friends wanted Fire Red, but I wanted Leaf Green since we never got the original Green.

Way later a friend of mine sold me his Ruby, Fire Red, and Emerald, so I played through Ruby and Emerald and let my bro play Fire Red.

With Diamond and Pearl, I actually bought a Japanese copy of Diamond. My friend and I went to a store that sold Japanese games looking for Jump Ultimate Stars. It was sold out almost everywhere, but we saw Diamond and Pearl and were like: "I'll get it if you get it." and so we got them. I got Japanese Diamond and he got Japanese Pearl and we both agreed that we were going to catch Shiny versions of the box legendary. Eventually 2 of our other friends bought the games too, and we all were able to get Jump Ultimate Stars.
Since I got Japanese Diamond, I bought English Pearl, then bought Platinum when that came out.

Sadly, I wasn't able to enjoy Heart Gold/Soul Silver. I was about $5-10 short for Soul Silver, but all my friends already had the games, so a friend of mine helped me get it. I felt so bad being selfish like that, and when I got home I found out that one of my uncles had died. I know they're not connected at all, but I just felt bad being so greedy and happy while people in my family are dying. I need to go back and play through it one day, I really want to.

As for Black and White, I played through White, but I barely touched White 2.
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User Info: Shadowrudude69

3 years ago#13
Gen 1: I received Yellow as a gift from a friend. I got Stadium from my older brother.

Gen 2: Didn't have any of them as a kid, then right before HG and SS came out some friends surprised me with some get well gifts after I had a surgery done. They hadn't bothered informing one another what they had each got me, which all ended up being Gen 2 games, so I ended up with 2 golds, a silver and a crystal. I recently acquired Stadium 2 at a convention.

Gen 3: I got FireRed as a birthday gift from my mother. I got Emerald as a gift from my mother after I got into a fight with a bully that was picking on my friend. I got saphire and ruby later from hawk shops, but gave ruby to a friend of mine and saphire to my younger brother. Never got LeafGreen. I got XD from my younger brother along with a GBA-GC link cable, I picked up Coliseum from my local EBGames afterwards. I also received Mystery Dungeon Red as a x-mas gift.

Gen 4: I got Diamond with the DS I got as a birthday gift, and got Platinum as a birthday gift when it came out. Soul Silver was an Easter gift from my family. Never bothered with Pearl. Got Explorers of Darkness when it came out. Thought about getting Explorers of the Sky, but never got around to it. I never bothered with Battle Revolution as it just simply wasn't worth my time.

Gen 5: Received White as yet another birthday gift, and got White 2 on release day.

Gen 6: I have Y preordered and payed off.

It seems that when my family didn't know what to get me for my birthday, Pokémon was always the default option. Which worked in my favor I suppose.
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User Info: _KGC_

3 years ago#14
None so far, this might be my very first Pokemon game ever
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User Info: Hardy_Fan21

3 years ago#15
Leaf Green
Heart Gold
White 2

Brother got Silver, Fire Red, Pearl and a second White.
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User Info: GastroFan

3 years ago#16
My first: Pokemon Pinball (love pinball games; my daughter was playing Emerald at the time)

Pokemon Leaf Green (fell in love with Bulbasaur)
Pokemon Fire Red
Pokemon Ruby
Pokemon Sapphire (R/S were used copies;loved the secret bases but not much else)
Pokemon Diamond (I liked Dialga better)
Pokemon Emerald (liked it less than either R/S or LG/FR)
Pokemon Platinum (love Giratina btw)
Pokemon Pearl (space for breeding pokemon)
Pokemon Heart Gold (I liked Ho-Oh better)
Pokemon Soul Silver (space for breeding pokemon)
Pokemon White 1 (liked Zekrom and also White Forest)
Pokemon Black 1 (space for breeding pokemon)
Pokemon White 2 (White Tree Hollow; need I say more?)
Pokemon Black 2 (space for breeding pokemon)
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity

Games I've tried:
Pokemon Trozei (confusing)
Pokemon Rumble Blast (too fustrating)
All the Pokemon Ranger games (same as Rumble Blast)
Pokemon Conquest (I'm not into Stratego)

I plan to get Pokemon Y only because the X legendary reminds me too much of the 'Great Forest Spirit' from the Miyazaki movie "Princess Mononoke". Also I like Dark types better than Fairy types.

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User Info: KoN_Wusty

3 years ago#17
Skipped Gen 2 (I was 5, didn't know about it)
Pearl (sold it later on)

Stopped playing pokemon for a few years

Soul Silver
Rebought Pearl
Black 2
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User Info: Rogue Mutt

Rogue Mutt
3 years ago#18
Yellow >>> Blue >>> Red >>> Silver >>> Gold >>> Ruby >>> Sapphire >>> Fire Red >>> Leaf Green >>> Emerald >>> Japanese Pearl >>> Diamond >>> Platinum >>> Soul Silver >>> Heart Gold >>> White >>> Black >>> Black 2 >>> Y
Alakazam Arcanine Flygon Golduck Primeape Tyranitar

User Info: CakeOfLies

3 years ago#19
I played a little bit of my brother's Sapphire back in the day.
Last year I got SoulSilver and White 2. At the beginning of this summer I got Platinum.
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User Info: Foxfire 99

Foxfire 99
3 years ago#20
CRYSTAL (lol, I was bored of Diamond so I played the rom...)
Platinum (Japanese Version, lol )
BREAK, thought I quit pokemon for sure, stopped playing completely, sold almost all my games (except red, which i couldn't let go of....... its in a keepsake box :P )

White, then sorta quit
Black, then sorta quit
Black 2, then sorta quit (lol)
Really want to play white 2, but no one to give me challenge mode, the game is just too easy now.... :(

and i am sort of anxious to see what XY brings, hopefully it gets me back into it, i miss the Battle Frontier.
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