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Could Pokemon X & Y beat the GTAV sales?

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User Info: MonadAlvis

3 years ago#141
I'm not so sure about that, but Pokemon is the second best selling game franchise. It has more than double the sales of GTA, but it does have more games.
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User Info: OEIO999

3 years ago#142
TalesOfGod posted...
CTBradums posted...
Not in America. Pokemon X/Y will do great, and I'll be getting that and not GTAV, but it can't compete with the broad appeal that GTA has. Pokemon only appeals to certain groups of gamers, while GTA appeals to everyone. From the illiterate thugs who like the mindless violence to the intellectual gamers who want to see a unique storyline and interesting gameplay, people from any measure of the spectrum want GTAV.

Just no.

I've never met a single intelligent person in my life who has ever supported a game like GTA.

The "unique storyline and interesting gameplay" is not intelligent at all and it is a disgrace to call it as such. Also, to say that GTA caters to a large group of people is flawed as the majority of people who buy it are immature children or casual gamers.

As for if Pokemon X and Y could beat the GTAV sales?
I believe that it can as other series already have.

Haha, never met a single intelligent person who has ever supported GTA? Well I imagine it'd be quite difficult to find someone 'intelligent' in that close-minded group of people you seem to mingle with.

And anything else I got from your 'coherent' and 'exquisite' piece of writing, was that 'MAH OPINION IS GR8T, UR AL IMATUR FOR LIKIN A GAME I DON'. Well spoke.

Also, did you ignore the fact that GTAV outsold any game in history within the time-span of 3 days? Or are you busy trying to figure out how exactly is Pokemon made for the 'intellectuals'?

User Info: EichiroNobunaga

3 years ago#143
Anyone that said yes is delusional. I love Pokemon, but think realistically here.
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User Info: x_aznpal

3 years ago#144
X & Y could be one of the most anticipated games of the year

but i doubt it could outsell GTAV
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User Info: StealthRock

3 years ago#145
Pokemon will beat GTAV in the long run easily. In the first few days?? probably not. But i'm sure GTA will end up on the markdown tables a lot faster than pokemon. Diamond and Pearl still sell for damn near full price. And here in Ohio, Soul Silver is STILL sold at full price. Don't see GTA4 still being sold like that

When all the hype dies down, GTAV will lose sales. However, pokemon sells all the time.

It's not the 2nd best selling video game franchise in history for no reason
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User Info: chaos_controlr

3 years ago#146
would it even be possible if everyone with a 3ds bought the game ?

User Info: Wulava

3 years ago#147
I doubt XY will outsell GTAV.
But I think XY will outnumber GTAV in units sold.
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User Info: Proto_Spark

3 years ago#148
It probably won't outsell GTAV in the first week or so, But I think it will eventually, just because GTA games tend to stop doing well after it releases for a month or so. I've never seen someone buy GTA used.

Anyway, Pokemon is one of those games that never drops in price, and people are always wanting it, so anyone who wants pretty much has to pay the same amount they did on Day 1.

User Info: MetaDeDeDe

3 years ago#149
Pokemon is a great game but the west has far more comsumers than the East and Pokemon Game are shown to sell less and less very Gen while GTA does the opposite.

And there is Monster Hunter 4 on the 3DS.

As much as i want it to outsell GTA, it won't happen for Monster Hunter being on the same system with prevent it.

Also sale in the West are far more than those in east.

Everything is aganist Pokemon X and Y sales.

That and the same kids would play Pokemon would just sell it later to play more COD

GTA has everything going for it.

More hardcore fans.

Better reviews

More fans

On two consoles.

More Adults who play GTA meaning they won't just thorw it away.

Not from Nintendo

Monster Hunter 4 is on the 3DS

Pokemon just can't win the Gen in term of Sale and Profit. That and Nintendo is making less copies of the game with ruins everything.

It will sell probably 12-15 million or 20 million if lucky.
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User Info: 13121987

3 years ago#150
No, not for the first few days anyway.

I was at a random gamestore in my country when GTAV was released. The queue was surprising long.

I don't see such things for pokemon.
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