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Team Nova RP Episode 4: Hail to the King!

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User Info: HHDeception

3 years ago#171
(I figured as much but remember, Mewtwo follows protocol. And Volcorona stayed at the tower. And Celeste's post-mortem data is protected by a similar password, I'm familiar with it.)

Mewtwo POV

The tower shook under the impact, large chunks of it falling to the ground. It's structural integrity still stood...for now. Mewtwo quickly grabbed the shorn off pieces, teleporting them into place and reconstructing the tower to protect its inhabitants. It's occupied mind didn't notice any advancing pokemon...

Volcarona did, and let loose a massive Bug Buzz and Firey dance to protect Mewtwo. Mewtwo caught on and sheathed the tower in a Maelstrom, deflecting further structural attacks and scattering the mist asunder across the dessert, too thin to even be visible. Mewtwo issued another command to the inhabitants

Threats include Zoroark, Mismagius, Gardevoir, Tyranitar, Talonflame, Vaporeon, Eelektross. Very dangerous, engage with caution. Requesting back up on the roof.

Benga POV

Benga sized up the situation. Only one of his pokemon were here, but there was a teleporter who could bring others. He breathed into his reaction time chakra.

"I'm sorry for your loss. The Mewtwo alliance has lost many many friends over the past month at the hands of Nova. Friends...and family"

Those last two words were punctuated with a slight waver in Benga's otherwise overbearing voice.

"We are born and then we die. We gain and then we lose. Not even Nova can control that. You do not seem like a killer. You aren't like the rest of them, I sense a long forgotten honor in you. If this is personal and not an act of war, then take it up with me. Not them!"

A well timed explosion followed the declaration.

"Whoever you lost, must more destruction be their legacy? I don't know what has happened, or who you are looking for, but I take full responsibility. Me! Leave the tower! Now COME OOOOON! Show me who you really are! Show me what's beneath the monster and talk to me like a man!"

Back at the tower, Mewtwo heard Benga's cry and thought to himself

I made a good choice.

At the safe house, another Nelson worked fervently to disarm the bomb but was making no progress. The child (who was sleeping and anesthetized) and bomb were taken to a remote location away from the others but there was no way to disarm it...

Just then, a teleport capsule appeared. Jirachi poked it's head out.
Sound good?

User Info: Osranger

3 years ago#172
Sorry. So. Much. HOMEWORK!!!!

Duncan returned to his office to find a that all of the calibrations were set correctly. There was some scurrying on the cameras of the upper floors, and some whispering, but that didn't matter. He had only one goal. After waiting for so long, he was finally ready.

"Sorry for keeping you waiting everyone. I was, called away. Put the girl into the device. We're ready."


Mara watched as the guards opened her doors. She had been preparing for this. As soon as the first guard came through the door, sha pounced, lashing out with a kick to his groin, and pushing him into the guard behind him. Mara ducks past him, and sprints down the hall.

"Urgh, get her!"

She must find him. She made a promise, a promise she needs to keep. Suddenly, she feels like she runs straight into a wall. She flinches away, but suddenly finds herself unable to move.

"Must I do everything myself?" Says a large, bald man covered in silver armor, who can only be Admin Duncan.

Mara is lifted into the air, suspended helplessly and suddenly she rockets toward a wall at astounding speeds and loses consciousness.
She wakes up floating suspended in a glass sphere in a stark white room. Under the sphere lies a creature bound to a silver, circular platform below. Her vision clears and the fog leaves her brain as she sees that the pokemon below was Lugia, looking up at he helplessly out of the corner of its eye.

"You'll pay for this, Duncan!" She screams at the ceiling. "When I am done with you, you will be begging for mercy!"

A voice laughs back, coming from seemingly everywhere and nowhere at once. "You are not in the position to make such threats. In fact, you will be begging me for mercy when we are done here. Turn on the device."

It is soft at first, the thrumming, but it quickly grows harder, stronger, unbearable. It feels as if Mara is being battered by fists on all sides, but it grows beyond that. The fists become stones. The stones become daggers. The daggers become blades, and Mara screams. Nothing matters, but the pain... And Lugia. Lugia... Must remain... Strong!

Lugia saw the girl and remembered. He remembered the last time he saw her. The air smelled damp and cool, the sun was setting, shading the water with a golden hue, and the waves crashed against the rocks, keeping their own rhythm. And the girl, Mara was curled up under his wing, his fondest memory since... the event. He retreats into his mind, retreats into his memories, all to get away from the screams of the young girl so dear to his heart. He is safe for a time, but the image cracks, and breaks apart, cut to pieces by the sharp cry.


Into his soul, he retreats, but he cannot stay. There is darkness there, darkness from before, sealed off , but always there, a presence, shadow.

Lugia retreats to the only place left. He retreats into his heart, and locks it, shutting out the world.
Duncan walks into the shadow chamber, a large grin on his face. "Do you have the data?" He asks Dr. Mack, standing behind him.



Duncan glances at the screen indicating the girl's vitals. It appears that she is still alive. What a pity.

No longer able to contain himself, he strolls up to the creature on the bench. A dark purple monster with dark red eyes and silver spines lies on the table where Lugia once lay. It thrashes as he comes closer and let's out a high pitched screech. Unfazed, he steps up to it. It continues to thrash and snap, but even as he comes into swatting distance, it does not touch him. It knows its master. Good.

He takes his final pokeball, a master ball off of his belt and clicks the button. Lugia disappears from the table, now in stasis inside of the small device.

It is very good.

User Info: empireoffire

3 years ago#173
(last one for the night.)

John Doe

"Zoroark, you once belonged to N, the first one, didn't you?"

"This used to belong to someone before I took care of it. I give it to you."

This Zoroark belonged to the original N?!

"Listen to me. I am his apprentice! He chose me to succeed him. I am young and inexperienced; I am not his equal, but you must accept this fact! Your rage cannot bring him back!"

John Doe walked up to the enraged Zoroark who was preparing to hit N with a point-blank Flamethrower and placed his hand on his shoulder. Zoroark looked back at him, still angry, but no longer preparing a Flamethrower.

"Zoroark... We're actually a lot alike. Between Celeste and...Him, and now N, we aren't very good at handling loss. It's frustrating, knowing that someone you really care about had their lives ended when it wasn't their time to go yet. Because of this, we only think about 'if only I had been there', 'if only I was stronger'... We turn our rage towards everything around us. And yet, they will never come back, no matter what you do. It truly is the worst feeling.

Zoroark. I know I'm a hypocrite who can't follow their own advice but... All there is to do is to direct your attention to those responsible so that less people will feel the pain you feel. This man is not responsible. I'm sure you know that."

Zoroark had ceased being berserk now, standing upright with it's eyes shut. If Doe had to guess, it was so that it's tears wouldn't flow. It's something Doe would do, after all. He recalled Zoroark into it's pokeball.

Doe turned to his soldiers. "There is nothing more for us here. Let's move to the Desert Resort camp as soon as possible so that we may regroup in Realgam. We've seen enough for one day."

One by one, the soldiers turned to where they came from and walked to the exit. Curtis carried Rosa in his arms.

"My apologies", said John Doe to the man who called himself N. "I will take my leave now."


Seeing Meridia fall caused Yancy to go into auto-pilot. She called out a Pokemon from her bag.


The Togekiss flew in an elegant manner and caught Meridia as she fell. Togekiss brought her back by Yancy's side. "Are you alright?!" she said. From the corner of her eye, something caught her glance about a floor above. She saw what appeared to be a man floating through the air.

"Is that...Judas?" Yancy could faintly hear him ranting to himself. Obviously, he didn't think there would be anyone around to overhear him.

"Damn and damn it again! I give them plans, operations, base locations, and blueprints, and this is my reward?! If I see one of those Nova dogs again I'm going to take my fist and--"

Yancy's eyes widened. "Judas is the traitor! He's the one who told Nova about the Nimbasa base!!"
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User Info: Cheesepower5

3 years ago#174
Grant sits quietly in the New Mauville sick bay as Vivi Winstrate patches up his wounds, injecting him with an anti-biotic. Grant and Tierno had barely spoken during the entire walk there. There wasn't much to say, nothing but empty apologies and pitiful words thrown out of the way in the first few seconds.

"I know you don't want to tell me anything..." Vivi says. "But I can tell that you're hiding a loss. I withdrew myself too, after Team Nova killed my big brother. But that's why we keep fighting. So that one day these things won't be so common."

Grant finds himself smiling, somewhat reassured by Vivi's sympathy. "Yeah..." He says, unable to find any other words.

"I won't force you into it, but you should get some help about everything that's been going on." She adds.

"I might..." Grant says, finding himself unable to express himself like he usually can. He stands, mended as best as possible. Walking out into the lobby, he places a hand on Tierno's shoulder. "You ready?"

Tierno nods. "Let's go." He says, giving a forced smile. "The ladies are waiting for us at Realgam Tower!"

"I'm afraid you won't be able to meet with them just yet." Prof. Birch steps out in front of them. "We lost contact with Realgam Tower. They must be under attack."

Grant and Tierno stare at each other in disbelief.

"But... Meridia!"
"But... Mia!"

They say at the same time.

How many more things can go wrong today!? NO WAY IN HELL AM I LOSING SOMEONE ELSE!

"Then send us to the Outskirt Stand!" Grant says determinedly.

Prof. Birch looks at him quizzically for a moment, then sighs. "Fine, but there's not much you'll be able to do. If Mewtwo can't contain the threat handily, it must be Nova Admin level."

Grant and Tierno are already in the teleporters. Birch nods at them. "Stay safe, you two." He says, pulling the switch.

An alarm sounds as the two enter the Outskirt Base.

Unauthorised Teleport! Intruder! Intruder! A cage slams shut in front of Grant, denying him access to the outside world.
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User Info: GX1997

3 years ago#175
"Wait,really?All this time,you really were the traitor?Hmph.Your name certainly fits you well now."

Dusting herself off,Meridia thanked Togekiss and Yancy.

It doesn't look like he's going anywhere.

"Let's get moving again.We can deal with him later."

Once again descending the steps,Meridia saw something shoved between them and the wall.Stopping to pick it up,she saw it was a crumpled piece of paper that had been torn into quarters.After arranging the pieces,she was alarmed by what it said.


In keeping with our end of the bargain for you revealing the location of the Nimbasa City base,the coordinates of the prison will be sent to you shortly.You will find the girl there,as promised.You will not contact us again,but we will be watching you both,Christoph.


"Who's Christoph?"she asked Yancy and Riley.
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User Info: DigiHerokid

3 years ago#176

It's Sunset, atop Mt.Coronet.

"This is Hero X",Nelson told Austin.

Austin left, he went to talk to Juniper. "Hey, have you seen Shogun?",Austin asked after checking his pokeball.
"I think I saw him earlier.",said Juniper.
"Okay,thanks, maybe he left without permission. Ace Let's go!",Austin sais calling out Ace."I want you to go look around the base of the mountain for Shogun, okay?",Austin said. Ace gave a salute and flew down the mountain.
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User Info: Osranger

3 years ago#177
Osric reaches Mauville, and remembers the feeling that he had the night before, that he needed to look for something. The thing is most likely long gone by now, but still, he needs to make sure, just to be safe. He will just retrace his steps and sees if he remembers anything of importance. Osric heads to where he entered the city, and begins to walk the same steps as the night before. Hopefully, this will not be fruitless. There are placed he would much rather be right now.

Duncan returned to his office triumphant, masterball in hand, and sits down at his desk. At once he notices a small rectangle of plastic lying on his desk, placed there methodically.

Intrigued, he picks it up, and examines it. The card is the identification of a Mewtwo resistance member named Grant... Gallowglass.

"You should have taken my offer, Garth. Now your boy will have to pay for your mistakes. Soon, very soon."

But first, I have work to do.

User Info: TepigSnivy

3 years ago#178
Mossdeep Space Center - Xavier, Euisine

Xavier shook hands with Euisine, “Congratulations, you've passed the Trials. You'll now be teleported to Sootopolis, with myself.” Xavier grabbed Euisine's arm, before teleporting them to Sootopolis.

Xavier directs Euisine to The Cave Of Origins, where he'll be allocated a sleeping area.

Xavier feels a tap on his back, he turns around to see Silver.

“We've tracked down Raikou.”
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User Info: Cheesepower5

3 years ago#179
"I'm telling you, he is Grant Gallowglass!" Tierno tells the impatient guard for the fifth or sixth time.

"And I'm telling you that he could be an imposter!" The guard replies frustratedly. "We can't take your word for it, you've been with us for a day! I'm sorry, but that's how it is. Until we find clearance or you find his card, this 'kid' can't go anywhere."

An authorative looking brunette with long jeans and a black vest covering her white suit steps in, with Mia following closely behind.

"Mia!" Tierno yells happily. "You're safe!"

"Mia, is Meridia with you?" Grant asks.

Mia shakes her head. "I'm afraid not." She says. Grant looks taken aback.

If I can't be there to help Merdia because I lost my ID Card... He thinks. S***! Stupid protocol...

"What's the problem here, Shen?" The brunette asks the guard.

"This kid claims to be a 'Grant Gallowglass', but he can't provide any ID."

"Gallowglass, you say?" The woman examines Grant for a moment. "Let him through." She says.


"You heard me! I'll take the blame if anything goes wrong."

The guard sighs. "Fine..." He opens the cage, freeing Grant.
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User Info: uuurrrggh

3 years ago#180

Brendan saw the Staravia fly off, heading o the base of the mountain. Hm, he might come back and spot me... He whispered to Navarre. "There's somebody who might be a theat at the base of the mountain. Keep him occupied."


Navarre nodded, and pictured the entrance to the mountain he and Brendan went through. His vision turning violet, he teleported back to the entrance. A Staravia was headed his way. Most likely the threat Brendan was talking about. Navarre ducked inside the cave, as the Staravia passed by, chirping in alarm as he noticing the Gallade.

Dammit! Got to stop him before he reports back! Running out of the cave, he looked at the retreating bird and pictured himself on its back. One violet-filled vision later, he hugged the Staravia, pinning his wings and weighing the two of them down, quickly falling to the surface. Not taking the risk, Navarre teleported to safety when the Staravia reached terminal velocity, crashing onto the unforgiving rock. Walking over, he looked at the bird. Unconscious, with damage to its right wing. It won't be a threat anytime soon. Focusing his mind again, he reappeared beside Brendan.
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