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Team Nova RP Episode 4: Hail to the King!

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User Info: Cheesepower5

3 years ago#261
Hilda's eyes widen as a volley of mighty stones fly at her from the sandstorm. "Everyone, Protect, now! Samurott, Detect!"

Hilda's Samurott and several of the Foretress that had already returned warded her group from any damage.

"We have to advance slowly!" She orders. "Keep the Starmie on Rapid Spin, and have Foretress and Blastoise remain ahead of us to continue staving off attacks! Fighting, Steel, Ground types at the ready!"

Several Pokemon are released from their Pokeballs, among them Hitmonchan, Lucario, Steelix, Scizor and several Camerupt. Hilda releases her final Pokemon, a Chandelure.

"Attempt a mass Sunny Day!" Hilda orders. "Fighting and Steel types, prepare defensive maneuvers until we get in close! Weapons and StarBurst squad, await further orders!"

The Sandstorm begins to subside on the ground, as the Earth's defenses against the sun weaken, causing an incredibly powerful and arid heat to beat over the desert.

(All Pokemon are now out. Several Starmie, Foretress and Camerupt. One each Samurott, Sawsbuck, Chandelure, Blastoise, Hitmonchan, Steelix, Scizor and Lucario.
(Starmie moves: Rapid Spin, Water Pulse, Psychic, Confuse Ray.)
(Foretress moves: Protect, Rapid Spin, Explosion, Giga Drain
(Camerupt moves: Sunny Day, Magnitude, Flame Charge, Rest
(Samurott moves: Waterfall, Detect, Megahorn, Ice Beam
(Sawsbuck moves: Drain Horn, Hi Jump Kick, Wild Charge, Return
(Chandelure moves: Shadow Ball, Flamethrower, Mean Look, Confuse Ray
(Blastoise moves: Rapid Spin, Hydro Pump, Blizzard, Return
(Hitmonchan moves: Bullet Punch, Drain Punch, Thunder Punch, Detect
(Lucario moves: Aura Sphere, Detect, Close Combat, Focus Punch
(Scizor moves: U-Turn, Sword Dance, Iron Head, X-Scizzor
(Steelix moves: Sandstorm, Iron Head, Dig, Rockslide
Chandelure, Foretress, Camerupt and Starmie are especially susceptible to StarBurst. Hilda is about 60 feet away and advancing slowly. She can plausibly get one more round of Protect/Detect before her allies start falling en masse.)
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User Info: HHDeception

3 years ago#262
Benga POV

Protect 2/3

Benga pulled himself upright, sitting up in the sand, amazement filling his mind.

What devotion! What trust! This man is no ordinary trainer...

When he opened his mouth, the voice coming out of it was not his usual boisterous tone, but one that expressed much more wisdom than anyone would think him capable of expressing.

"Yes. She. There is no excuse for my disrespect, I apologize. She must be wonderful to have such a strong place in your heart."

Benga attempted to recall...Wasn't there a female Nova admin? I think Celeste mentioned her at some point... He wasn't the greatest at remembering people.

As the other pokemon left, Benga faced Invidia coiled on Jay's back. Taking a meditative pose, he closed his eyes, the world still visible through aura sense. The previously firey aura around him cooled to a light blue.

"Eelektross, I apologize if you have a name. Your friend trusts you very much. That device you carry guards your team from StarBurst no doubt. You are their protector. A noble job indeed. I'm sorry for making a mess of it, and I will have our top scientists replace it if possible. I am also sorry for attempting to disable you, but I didn't want to risk your friend harm from a stray attack."

Benga pulled out a cheri berry from a pocket in his robes and placed it on the sand in front of him. He closed his eyes again.

"Unfortunately, berries work slower on humans than pokemon. He will be back to normal in about 3 minutes after eating it. I admire your courage and the bond you share him, and I mean him no harm. I only wish to protect those close to me, as you protect those close to you. I wish to continue talking to your friend, but if you would rather kill me then take your shot."

He turned back to Jay, his usual energy returning as did the volume of his voice.

"I believe we started on the wrong foot. My name is Benga! Leader of the Mewtwo Alliance!"

Volcarona POV

Something finally clicked in Volcarona's head. Hurting ghost lets it hurt me! That's why I get so tired! Still, can't let it bother Mr. Mewtwo. Maybe I can just bug him instead.

Volcarona ascended whipping up a massive storm of ashes in its wake. Quickly catching up to Abel, it flew in front of its face, and poked him in (through?) the eyes with it's long sticky tongue.

"Tag! You're it!"

(I will wait for Ava's move before I continue with Mewtwo. And tomorrow I will be home even later than today...sorry about the slugma's pace)
Sound good?

User Info: uuurrrggh

3 years ago#263
That's my cue. Navarre teleported from his perch two feet above the Crarizard, landing with hi blade dug in, and dragged the blade until it ran down the Charizard's back. Roaring in pain, the Charizard shook violently, tring to shake off Navarre. He teleported on top of the Charizard's left wing, waiting until the head turned around and fired a Flamethrower. Got you. Navarre teleported onto the Charizard's neck, hearing the singing of flesh behind him. Navarre spared no time, as he took the Charizard by its horns and redirected the stream of fire onto the Venusuar.


They don't stand a chance. Masamune dashed towards the Blastoise, protecting himself when it tried to fire a Hydro Pump. When he reached melee range, the tortoise withdrew into its shell. Bad mistake. Getting up close, Masamune delivered a Low Kick to the Blastoise's right leg, making it falll on its stomach. "Navarre, an assit please?!"


Navarre nodded, teleporting behind Masamune and teleporting the two of them into the air. Navarre teleported back onto the ground, in front of the Porygon2.


Falling at who knows speed, Masamune lined himself up to his target. Charging up an Iron Head, he rammed directly into the Blastoise, cracks running all over its shell. Getting up from the painless fall, Masamune walked over to the tortoise's head, making sure every step dug pieces of shell into the Blastoise's flesh.


Brendan looked on, enjoying how well his pokemon were handling the situation at hand.
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User Info: Osranger

3 years ago#264
Osric entered the old gym, once great and large, filled with life and energy, it now holds only dust and darkness. The only light came from the open door behind him.
No, not only cobwebs.
Out of a door in the back steps an elderly man, leading heavily on a cane.

If he lives here, he might know something.

"Identify yourself." Osric calls out, addressing the old man.
"We must look for her then. She would have left a unique energy signature behind. If I had access to the compounds she uses for her explosives, I might be able to find out what happened to her, and if she is alive, track her."

(Your call Jay, on how quickly you want her back)

User Info: Cheesepower5

3 years ago#265
Wattson raises an eyebrow and chuckles a bit. "Awfully demanding of an old man, asking him to identify himself when entering his own home." He observes. "I should be asking that of you. I am Wattson, the former leader of this gym. Now I'm just a retired fogey. Now, perhaps you could tell me your name, lad, so that I can find out who taught you such bad manners."

Identifying the man more closely he sees that he's armed with foreign tech. Possibly Team Nova? Wattson keeps his distance and doesn't move in any closer, observing the young man from the doorway.
We are the champions, but me most of all!
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User Info: IVIasterJay

3 years ago#266
Osranger posted...
"We must look for her then. She would have left a unique energy signature behind. If I had access to the compounds she uses for her explosives, I might be able to find out what happened to her, and if she is alive, track her."

(Your call Jay, on how quickly you want her back)

(Gonna wait for a little while in the story to go by before she returns.)

"I can give you a list of everything she's used in her machines, but Duncan, you shouldn't expect much. I won't tell you not to look for her, but it would be your own project. She was attacking a machine of unknown origin and power. Whatever it was, it took Celena out in barely a minute. If it should it return, we need countermeasures to handle such a threat. We cannot devote resources to searching empty space for a single person with such a threat still out there. No matter who that one person is."


Ava was having a decidedly crummy time dealing with this Mewtwo. He seemed to have a thing for flying. Needless to say, she didn't.
"Of course not. I'm better then you by simply being me." She smirked, and then ripped out one of her teeth. Claw glowing purple, she punched the tooth with all her strength. The canine shattered, a scattershot of minuscule slivers flying towards Mewtwo. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Ava was blasted backwards, landing in a cloud of sand atop a dune. Without pausing to rest her complaining body, she bent her legs and shot back into the air, glowing claws lined up with Mewtwo's neck.
Solitaire didn't like fighting. It was work, and she didn't like work. So she also didn't like being shot at with lightning. Dodging lightning was work, so she didn't. The column of lightning from above, and the smaller streak of electricity from below both struck her. Ouch. Using the flash as cover, Solitaire fell through the hole from the collapsed stairwell. She lined up where the clustered enemies were on the roof above, and pulled down. The ceiling collapsed.
Gula wouldn't have noticed the group was still following him if not for the oppressive heat. His claws ripped into the ground below as he opened a tunnel under the ground. He turned around and dug towards this new foe. Just another battle. Just another day.
A man can out of a doorway. Superbia's tail gutted him before he had a chance to react. Sup was having a fun time tonight. It wasn't often he was allowed to rampage freely.
There! Acedia saw the plume of water. Luxuria had seen him. Cooling his wings back to normal, Ace flew right at Lux, not even bothering to slow down. She landed with grace on his back. Acedia turned back towards the tower sticking up out of the desert and took off. If he was lucky there would still be something left for him.
Abel contined to ignore the bug. It couldn't bother him. He saw Mewtwo's shape off in the distance. Yes, almost there. He hoped Ava wouldn't find his help a bother.


Invidia pushed the berry into Jay's mouth with his tail, continuing to glare at the man. All of Jay's pokemon had a tracker attacked somewhere on them. The tiny device sent Jay their location, and let them send out a danger signal should they need help. The electric eel sent out a four-star danger message to the rest of the team. Anyone not engaged would come to support. Hopefully Jay would be on his feet soon.
Jay was facing away from the man. He lay still and pretended not to hear the man's words. Leader of Mewtwo's faction? No, that was Blue. No was would Blue turn over control to this fool. Jay racked his brain, trying to remember which pocket his weapon was in. Not like he could move his body to get it anyways.

User Info: protobakurion

3 years ago#267
(I would like to post my own injuries thank you. I'll post soon!)
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User Info: empireoffire

3 years ago#268
John Doe saw something fall into the hole where the stairwell to the roof used to be. He dashed toward the hole as he noticed the roof starting to bend inward.

Oh hell no.

Seeing what was coming, Doe spun around and returned Zoroark to it's pokeball. Grinn and Rotom could both levitate, Beedrill and Swellow could fly, and Liepard would most likely either land somewhere or get saved by Swellow. They would be fine.

Using the brief window of opportunity that he still had, John Doe targeted the Gardevoir from the hole. He dove forward right as the floor underneath him collapsed and flew through the air. He collided with the Gardevoir and grabbed onto it as the two tumbled toward the ground. It was a long way down.
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User Info: DigiHerokid

3 years ago#269

"Dragon Rush!",she shouted to Ripper as they fell.


Ripper hit the girund with the force of a level 4 earthquake. The ground shook.


For the next year, He traveled throughout various regions. He met Nelson, and countless others. He saved small towns when he could. He searched, for answers.

He discovered his own path.


"Get Back Here!",shouted the Nova grunt, Billy Joe.

Austin ran past the warehouse and into the manhole. He ran through the sewers under Driftveil. He heard shouts behind him. Then as he started to relax, but to soon. In front of him was an entire squad, and behind.

They'd cornered him.
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User Info: GX1997

3 years ago#270
There's not gonna be a tower left when they get done with it!

Meridia watched as the roof collapsed,and made a choice about what she would do.

"Riley,let's do something about that Mismagius.It's helping it's allies with Pain Split,so if we take it out Mewtwo and the others will have it easier.I'll get it's attention,"she said

As they neared the Mismagius,Meridia hit it with a smoke ball,which made it look their way.

Here goes nothing.
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