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Cheating in pokemon

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User Info: Alexoneill77777

4 years ago#1
What do you think is acceptable in term of obtaining good pokemon? - Results (80 votes)
Using pokesav/gen
6.25% (5 votes)
Using AR of any other third party cartridge
0% (0 votes)
Pokecheak to clone legit pokemon
5% (4 votes)
RNG manipulation
8.75% (7 votes)
Breeding only as cheating is outright wrong
21.25% (17 votes)
Anything as long as the pokemon is legal
58.75% (47 votes)
Anything even if pokemon has hacked moves and EV's.
0% (0 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Topic. Just want to know.
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User Info: Kumori_no_Yoru

4 years ago#2
As long as the Pokemon is legal.
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User Info: TheGuyNamedWolf

4 years ago#3
As long as it is possible to obtain in-game (unlike wondertomb for example), I don't really care what anyone hacks... even though I personally draw the line for my own hacking in weird ways, such as no perfect IV's (I randomize till I get a 3-4 good IVs, though cheating is still cheating I suppose lol), and refusing to hack shinies, I don't care about what others do.
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User Info: Sir_Badass

4 years ago#4
It seems rather silly IMO to say "Well, this method of getting perfect Pokemon is okay but this one isn't, even though neither were intended by the developers".

You should either be for them all or against them all.
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