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New pokemon types that don't exactly fit what we have.

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User Info: mehmetski

3 years ago#21
FantasyFreak999 posted...
I wouldn't mind a Cyber type...

yaaay thanks
i mean, it really makes sense. come on, whats so normal about porygon?
cyber means either virtual reality or (more importantly) artificial intelligence, robotic, and so on.
it suits many pokemon and describes their nature even better
Xerneas, the gay-pride Pokemon
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User Info: H-L-W

3 years ago#22
WIND: Flying covers that with moves like gust and hurricane.
WOOD: Grass. Wood Hammer says it all.
ANTI-MATTER: According to Giratina, the Pokemon with control over anti-matter, Ghost represents this somewhat.
EXPLOSIVE: I don't know why explosion is normal type, but if GF says so.

So many of these 'types' seemed familiar to me...naruto! with wind, wood, paper and explosive..
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User Info: Guerrero_Son

3 years ago#23
1998_z posted...

I really like this. If it's okay 1998_z, I'd like to expand on it. (If it isn't, tell me to delete this post.)

Ice, Poison, and Dark could be super-effective against it. The reason being a numb heart, a sick heart, and a heart infected with depression or hatred.

Steel, and Poison could be weak to it. The reason being steel is related to machines which are implied as cold, without feeling, and used to create lifeless things (probably not a good pitch to use in a video game); poison is also weak to heart because--as a copout--a heart can both succumb to and fight against a sickness.

Like several Fire types, Heart types would bear an ability called "P.E.M. [working name]". P.E.M. stands for Passion, Energy, and Magic (more copouts to come). When a Heart type with P.E.M. is injured by a Fire, Electric, or Fairy move, it will randomly have one of its stats (except evasion, accuracy, HP-related) rise by one(0-65)/two(70-95)/three(100+) depending on the power of the move. (I think it'd be better if it was random because when your heart is given a boost, you're not sure where it will bring you. [copout]) This will act as pseudo-strengths against more than just two types.

Ice, Dark, Psychic, and Fighting could resist it. The reason being the heart would eventually become numb, it could turn dark, the mind is different from the heart (another copout), and fighting just cares about action for the sake of action, without real reason (cough, copout).

Normal, Psychic, and Fighting could be resisted by Heart. The reason being no heart is generic (to the person--copout), the heart battles the mind (copout), and tries to quell the fighting (not really a copout, but just to be safe: copout)

The Pokemon who would gain this type are more loyal, thoughtful, "BFFs", and always try. Maybe Pikachu could also receive this type based on those merits.

So this type would be a bit on the "lovey-dovey" side of things, if people choose to see it that way (which I reckon numerous will). But I believe there's still good potential for it.

User Info: thechaoticclown

3 years ago#24
Favourite Zelda song from my favourite Zelda series scene.

User Info: Estheimaster

3 years ago#25
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User Info: Mikeru07

3 years ago#26
I want heart types to exist. Fairy type Arceus can be captain planet.
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