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How early does the whole Pokedex get leaked?

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User Info: EtoRanger

4 years ago#11
Kodakliv posted...
GooperBlooper posted...
WaWaluigi803 posted...
I try not to look at the Pokemon before I get the game. It makes the game more exciting.

gotta figure out your team man

Thats for after you beat the game, pokemon is more enjoyable going in blind rather then knowing everything.

A friend of mine is like that. Every time I accidentally mention or show him a new Pokemon or feature, he get a little pissed. I'm too curious to do anything like that.(Plus I like being well informed as long as it isn't a story spoiler.)

User Info: kirbydude385

4 years ago#12
a week at the earliest
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User Info: gamermasterwiz

4 years ago#13
A week early at least like everyone else said here. Retail stores get these games before they place it on shelves for sale.

Also, I think IGN and the other trusted game reviewing sites probably already got their hands on the game. Since they're trusted they won't leak the entire information without permission from GameFreak & Nintendo.
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