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Do people here actually like the Pokemon anime?

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User Info: RayCRP

4 years ago#31
I liked it before the switch from 4Kids to TPCi. The new voice actors just really seem to change the characters' personalities for me, which threw me off, and I lost quite a bit of interest. The series since then has had its moments, and I'll catch episodes from time to time on the Cartoon Network or Pokemon TV apps on my iPad, but I still prefer the older 4Kids episodes, either via the Pokemon TV app or Cartoon Network's "Boomerang" channel.
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User Info: raikou68

4 years ago#32
I used to when i first started watching it, i didn't like it anymore when i starting playing r/s/e.
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User Info: StealthRock

4 years ago#33
I used to watch it when i was a kid back when it was super popular. But now i can't really stand it

The only reason i watch now is just to see my favorite pokemon in live action, but even then the stupid voices, cheap animation (seriously, half the moves use the same glowing white effect that gets old really fast), and dumb characters really ruin it for me.

I know I keep promoting this, but if the anime was like the B/W2 trailer, then it would be ALOT better
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User Info: legitgamer405

4 years ago#34
Only the first two seasons with Misty/Brock/Tracey. I also hated how they dubbed the English versions of the anime.
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User Info: Gen0408

4 years ago#35
Last episode I saw, Charizard slammed Magmar into a volcano and lived. I think it has potential to be pretty freaking good. I don't watch the anime though.
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User Info: SkySaber

4 years ago#36
I still watch, but Best Wishes is really bad now.

It started off great, then turned to crap imo.
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User Info: TheNurseInBlack

4 years ago#37
I use to watch it as a kid but gave up on it around that time. The movies is something I always enjoyed though. The unknown ones was my favorite
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User Info: BabySh0es

4 years ago#38
i loved the ever loving crap out of it when i was in the 1st and 2nd grade, back in 1998 and 1999 lol.

User Info: kito-efil

4 years ago#39
It was the first anime i ever watched. And pokemon was the first video game i ever played. When brock left i began hating the anime. Cilan is stupid and is never gonna be as good a chef as brock was. End of story.
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User Info: stfn12345

4 years ago#40
I liked it when I was in grade school. I got to around when Ash first got a Charmeleon.
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