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What do you think is the best fully-evolved starter from each gen?

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User Info: jfx_zero

3 years ago#1
For purely data-collecting purposes.
"Best" can be determined by which you perceive to be the most popular, which one is most viable competitively, which is most visually appealing, etc.
Feel free to share your opinions why

For me,

Gen1: Charizard -though I traditionally pick Squirtle, there's no denying Charizard is completely badass. The anime helped a lot with this.
Gen2: Feraligatr -design-wise I feel like it offers something unique over the other two fully evolved starters. Chikorita and Cyndaquil's lines both stay essentially the same, with minor changes as they evolve. Feraligatr is a pretty big deviation from its first form and looks awesome.
Gen3: Blaziken -the first of its kind in the line of Fire/Fighting, really unique design (so much so people accused it of looking like a Digimon). The only reason it trumps Swampert in my mind is that its design is slightly less complicated than Swampy's.
Gen4: Empoleon -beautiful, sleek design with awesome typing. From the adorable Piplup to THIS thing. This is also saying something considering Torterra is one of my favorite Pokemon period.
Gen5: Samurott -once again, a huge deviation from its previous forms and one of the most surprising designs in all of Pokemon.

What are your picks?

(Oh, and if you'd like to speculate on Gen6's based on their second forms feel free to include your thoughts on those as well.)
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User Info: Star_Mario

3 years ago#2
Gen 1 - all of them (If you want to include MegaEvolutions, then MegaCharizard. I don't like MegaBlastoise's eyes in its artwork and I don't like MegaVenusaur's pink flower on its head)

Gen 2 - Typholsion and Feraligatr, but only because they look more vicious than Meganium. Meganium looks good on its own too

Gen 3 - Swampert, since he's my fav starter ever. Sceptile and Blaziken look boss as well

Gen 4 - all of them

Gen 5 - all of them (I know some people don't like Emboar, but I he reminds me of Heihachi/Jinpachi from Tekken so I guess I got a soft spot for it lol)

Gen 6 - Based off of 2nd Forms, Frogadier. Quilladin's eyes and Braixen's overall girlyness really don't appeal to me
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User Info: nro87

3 years ago#3
Gen 1: Venusaur, although MegaCharizard may change that.
Gen 2: Feraligatr
Gen 3: Swampert (he's my second favorite Pokémon of all time)
Gen 4: Infernape
Gen 5: They all 3 suck equally.
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User Info: SuperSayain_12

3 years ago#4
Gen 1: Blastoise
Gen 2: Typhlosion
Gen 3: Blaziken
Gen 4: Infernape
Gen 5: Samurott
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User Info: minun73

3 years ago#5
Gen 1: Chaizard because he is visually superior to the others and I'm a huge fan of fire types.
Gen 2: Typhlosion. Again I just love fire types and love the flames around his neck.
Gen 3: Sceptile. He just looks totally badass with his smirk and arms. Also, I didn't care much for blaziken's chicken like appearance
In the 4th gen and onwards, all the starters seemed to be a whole lot better than the past gens, especially visually.
Gen 4: Infernape because he was very first starter in my first pokemon game. Loved his monkey traits.
Gen 5: Emboar because he gives off a brute force aura and carries on my love of fire types.
Overall, I've loved all the gen. 2, 4, 5, and now 6th starters. Save for charmander and squirtle, the other starters in 1 & 3 I just didn't care for much.

User Info: ZeroxKnux

3 years ago#6
Gen 1: Blastoise
Gen 2: Feraligatr
Gen 3: None
Gen 4: Never played
Gen 5: Never played

User Info: Stormvale12

3 years ago#7
Blastoise, Typhlosion, Blaziken, Infernape, Samurott.
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User Info: KingChickadee

3 years ago#8
Gen1: Charizard Interesting transition from a lizard to a dragon
Gen2: Typhlosion While this evolutionary line is pretty much a baby maturing into adulthood, I think Feraligatr was just way too complex and imo ugly, and while the chocorita line is cute it's goofy
Gen3: Blaziken Take typhlosion's case but then turn it into a child practicing to become a great fighter. Also I agree that it only slightly outclasses Swampert
Gen4: Empoleon I really liked Empoleon, and I loved the transition between baby penguin, teen penguin prince, and WOAH adult penguin Emperor I really like Infernape but you can't use evolution nor maturity to explain it's awkward transition from baby to adult. It starts as a chimp with it's ass on fire, then it turns into a monkey somehow, and lastly we have Sun Wukong with his hair on fire. When I first started playing Diamond tbh I wanted to make myself pick turtwig because grass is my favorite type and i love it's evolution but let's face it he's the cute but horribly goofy one of the group
Gen5: Serperior To be honest I did not like Emboar's design as compared to other fire starters. It isn't really threatening, but rather cute and goofy, mostly because of it's round shape and lol it's a pig :3 A PIG!!! >:3 Oshawott was downright adorable and Dewott looked like it was leading to something cool but then BAM Samurott. I feel like Samurott needs different prevolutions to justify it's existence. It just doesn't fit where Dewott leaves off imo
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User Info: hotrodneptune32

3 years ago#9
Gen 1-Blastoise. I used to be a Charizard guy, but honestly in game and competitively Blastoise is superior. Being able to use Surf is always a plus.
Gen 2-Typhlosion. In Johto, so many Gym Leaders have Pokemon weak to Fire that it's not even funny. Meganium is laughable and Feraligatr... looks cool but suffered until Gen 4 let him use his physical Attack.
Gen 3- Blaziken. The original and in my opinion, most awesome Fire/Fighting starter. While he wasn't the greatest in his home, being a beneficiary of Gen 4's Physical/Special split was excellent, and Gen 5 giving him Speed Boost is purely awesome. I am nothing short of ecstatic that X and Y's first event is a Dream World Torchic, so I will be able to have this guy legitimately.
Gen 4- Didn't really like any of them.
Gen 5- First time I dropped my starter. Serperior is the best in my book, only because I think he looks nice. If only Game Freak would let him have Contrary he wouldn't suck as bad.
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User Info: jimmyzeke13

3 years ago#10
Gen 1 - Charizard
Gen 2 - Feraligatr
Gen 3 - Blaziken
Gen 4 - Torterra
Gen 5 - Samurott
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