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Fennekin's Final Evolution!

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User Info: Zangan_Zack

4 years ago#31
If this is Fennekin's final evolution I'd be really disappointed with it. There's almost no difference between this form and its previous form.
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User Info: SeahorseCpt89

4 years ago#32
I'd be ok with this, though I was hoping for a few more differences between this form and the previous form. Other than that, I like it.
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User Info: GallantChaddymn

4 years ago#33
Where did its tail go?
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User Info: PurpleNarga

4 years ago#34
Looks like a palette swap, i say fake.
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User Info: Pentao

4 years ago#35
I can't say I like this evolution toooo much, but my main gripe has to be how crappy that twig looks. It really does look like it just got Muk sludge on it or Shiny Reuniclus goop.

Everything else about it's design... well, I'd rather it not happen, but I can see it happening. Seriously though, the twig just looks awful.
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User Info: jayman7

4 years ago#36
GallantChaddymn posted...
Where did its tail go?

PurpleNarga posted...
Looks like a palette swap, i say fake.

Look, I think this is less likely to be real than "Gallantoad", to which I'm not committing "OMG TOTALLY REAL!!!1", but claiming it's fake because you don't like it or you would have done something different... look, I've been there, and trust me, you'll just look foolish later if you're wrong.
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User Info: NeonDragon9000

4 years ago#37
GallantChaddymn posted...
Where did its tail go?

Alakazam lost the tail Kadabra had...
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User Info: Milennin

4 years ago#38
The art itself is pretty nice, but the design... meh.
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