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Tyrantrum doesn't look either of it's type.

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User Info: MegaMettaur

3 years ago#31
MogKnightAzure posted...
>Doesn't look either of it's type
>Does look rock though


And you're telling me a dinosaur (a T-rex no less) doesn't qualify for dragon type?

I hope this is Sarcasm because there are like 5 or 6 dinosaurs that aren't dragons.
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User Info: raazychx

3 years ago#32
Yes, we should have a Dinosaur type.

It should also be weak to Ice (because of the Ice Age), Fire (because of mountains), Water (because why not?), Earth (because of earthquakes), Poison (gotta kill 'em somehow), Steel (machines haven't been invented yet, they should break their teeth whenever they try to bite, or something), Electricity (I bet they made great lightning rods), Psychics (WHAT IN THE, THE THING CAN MOVE THINGS WITH ITS MIND I DON'T EVEN), Dark (not very good eyesight, they're extinct for a reason), Normal (because Wynaut?), and weak to Grass (sometimes they give weird stomachaches, those grass types...)...

And it should be supereffective against flying for absolutely no reason at all.
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