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Post here if you are a girl that plays pokemon!!

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User Info: PrettyTonyTiger

3 years ago#171
VenomousX posted...
PrettyTonyTiger posted...
VenomousX posted...
PrettyTonyTiger posted...

Lol... well I see your 3DS Fc. Can I add you?

Sure. What's yours? ^^

Mine's 3754 6793 0838

Alright added :)

Alright. Pretty cute mii!!
Females are the greatest beings in the universe!!!
Users who agree: 17!!!
(message deleted)

User Info: Shodan03

3 years ago#173
This entire topic is wtf

User Info: MasterAdeptAlex

3 years ago#174
Wow, this topic is loaded with desperation.
"There is good in this world, Mr.Frodo.....and it's all worth fighting for." Samwise Gamgee in Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

User Info: Luigi player

Luigi player
3 years ago#175
't was a fun read.
I'm a the Luigi master!

User Info: Heliotrope

3 years ago#176
Hey look, this topic is still going on. Why are men always so desperate for pictures? If you want to see women, look outside the damn window for a few minutes.

RDS1 posted...
PrettyTonyTiger posted...
RDS1 posted...
PrettyTonyTiger posted...
It's not stalking I want to make friends.

It really shouldn't matter what gender they are, then. What, are you androphobic or something?


Androphobic means you're afraid of men.

I thought it meant he had a fear of androids...
Currently taking a break from AC:NL. Will start a new town on new year's day. n_n
3DS FC: 2208-4574-2359
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