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How many hours do you plan on playing in one sitting in Pokemon X and Pokemon?

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User Info: Omega720

4 years ago#101
I will play until I can't play anymore!
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User Info: james009223

4 years ago#102
A lot
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User Info: hardknock55

4 years ago#103
I usually beat the elite four in one sitting as soon as i get the game so i'll probably do that and take a break after i beat the elite four.
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User Info: Sakurafanboy

4 years ago#104
Probably around 4-5 hours day 1 exploring everything there is to do in X&Y.
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User Info: SuperXThousand

4 years ago#105
1 hour. Any longer and I'll take a break.

User Info: usdmike181

4 years ago#106
I'm getting the digital copy, so I will probably play for an hour or two after I download it...I'm an old fart and won't last much past 1-2am.

After that I will play whenever I have a chance for as long as I can...normally 2 hours at a time.
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User Info: Issa_5

4 years ago#107
1 hour, then a half hour break, then another hour. After two or three days I'll scale down and play 40 minutes a day except maybe on weekends.

The hour long sessions will probably be broken up by a 5 minute break in the middle. I don't think the 40 minute sessions really require any breaks.

User Info: BlitzTHedgehog

4 years ago#108
Some of my family is visiting me that weekend as a late birthday, so very little when it comes out, but my fiancée and I are both going to the midnight release. We probably won't really start until the Monday after.

User Info: Milennin

4 years ago#109
As much as I can while still doing all the other stuff I need to be doing.
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User Info: JoeMoeFoe

4 years ago#110
More than likely a good 8-10 hours on day 1. Then GTA V online for the rest of the day
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  3. How many hours do you plan on playing in one sitting in Pokemon X and Pokemon?

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