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How many hours do you plan on playing in one sitting in Pokemon X and Pokemon?

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User Info: theGirlyGamer

4 years ago#81
On the first day I get it, I'll bring it home after getting it at the midnight release, and play until probably 4 in the morning, sleep, and then play all day after I wake up.
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User Info: Unesdala

4 years ago#82
Depends on how frustrated I get.

Usually takes me 13-15 hours to do a straight playthrough to the E4. ((More or less, pending.))

So. Unless it takes longer than that, around that.

And no, I don't take 15 minute breaks every 30 minutes.
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User Info: jneal57

4 years ago#83
25 hours with a 2 hour break for food and pooping meganfox/hot-tin-roof-the-cat-that-wore-a-fedora support this. it looks fun enough. yeah

User Info: Bali99

4 years ago#84
OVER 9000!

...seconds. Probably around 5-7 hours.
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User Info: pokepal21

4 years ago#85
3000 no

User Info: Ansem_the_evil

4 years ago#86
At least 7 hours
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User Info: Helban

4 years ago#87
Well, considering I'm currently stuck living with my brother till at least mid February and every video game system I have is packed in box's in his basement save my 3DS (along with everything else I own save clothes), I'd say a lot for the next four or so months.

User Info: MaplesGrandGM

4 years ago#88
No work after roughly 7 or 8 am Saturday, so I'll pick up the game, if I can't get it the day before, and I'll start playing after I shower at home. I'm off till Monday night, where I go back to work at 10 PM, so I'll probably play most of the weekend. Only breaking for food, I can drink while I play, and I already have insomnia, so less sleep won't hurt too much more.

User Info: surferguy7

4 years ago#89
As much as I can before school starts up again.
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User Info: Skul_

4 years ago#90
Probably about 3-4 hours straight day one, then around 3 hours a day till i finish the story. (Generally broken up with breaks every 1.5 hours.)
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