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Just caught my first shiny that wasn't an event one like Gyarados.

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User Info: Grammar_man

3 years ago#11
Planning to name it Zira. Always liked her better than Scar anyway...

User Info: Umuru

3 years ago#12
That is definitely some bad luck if you only just now found one. I have played since blue and my first was in sapphire... with quite a few since then. What are your playing habits though? Usually I encounter them while level grinding or ev training.

User Info: Grammar_man

3 years ago#13
Not really much of an EV-trainer(and I normally use the VS seeker, anyway), and I never quite grind unless the level jumps are too ridiculous.

So yeah, my only shot at meeting them is usually just when trying to catch mons or when running through.

User Info: the_BeardedOne

3 years ago#14
The first shiny I ever caught was Ho-Oh in my first playthrough of Gold Version. I deleted the save, not understanding what shinies were at the time ;_;
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3 years ago#15
yeah ive been playing since blue and have never seen a shiny.. i have got pokrus < spelling in sapphire tho

User Info: master_gamr1231

3 years ago#16
I've gotten 3 non-guaranteed shinies. The sucky part is two of them are Geodude and Graveler :/
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User Info: SA_X_Mk_II

3 years ago#17
Playing since Blue. Got a Shiny Dragonair in the FR Safari zone and have another shiny somewhere in my boxes...
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User Info: XGeass

3 years ago#18
I have caught two shinies that weren't from a AR or events, the first one was a Medicham, while the second one was a Graveler, both were from Diamond
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User Info: NapalmOmega

3 years ago#19
Never got a shiny, seen 1 but had no pokeballs :{ shame on me

User Info: BoogeyMan17

3 years ago#20
Me, myself have never ran into a shiny Pokémon in the wild. the only Shinies I've ever owned were the Red Gyrados you see in the events in the game. Never in the wild in the grass areas.
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  3. Just caught my first shiny that wasn't an event one like Gyarados.

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