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what is your gen 6 starter of choice including kanto starters?

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User Info: BrokenChaos666

4 years ago#11
Fennekin and Charmander, who will be boxed. I want to use new Pokemon. :)

A lot of fire love this gen!

User Info: Don_of_Blades

4 years ago#12
Fen and char. I can already see my sunny team coming together.

User Info: Platinite

4 years ago#13
Chespin and Charmander here. Water types are pretty common anyway.

I'll GET the whole lot, but I probably won't USE them unless I like what I see.

User Info: Anthem_Joker-F8

4 years ago#14
Froakie and the mega abominations are stashed in pc.

User Info: Galbrant

4 years ago#15
Chespin and Bulbasaur, especially if Bulbasaur has his DW ability.
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User Info: canoli22082

4 years ago#16
Froakie and Charmander or Froakie and Bulbasaur. Leaning towards Charmander though
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User Info: tehkapi

4 years ago#17
Nextgrandcross posted...
HardHorseJam posted...
Chespin and boxed Kanto starter.

Same for me, I'm going all Kalos Pokemon on my first playthrough.

I'm gonna try to stick with Kalos only, but if I can catch certain other Pokemon, then I will. At the very least, I'm sticking with Chespin the whole way through.
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User Info: niklnip

4 years ago#18
Fennekin and Squirtle then... Chespin and Charmander? Idk
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User Info: CharizardFire

4 years ago#19
Fennekin and Charmander

User Info: hyperdimeduck

4 years ago#20
Froakie and Squirtle
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  3. what is your gen 6 starter of choice including kanto starters?

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