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RNG Abuse and Hacking in X/Y

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User Info: ectoBiologist

3 years ago#31
beebarb posted...
NessEggman posted...
Tezion posted...
What's the point of RNG abuse if you can just edit the save?

RNG abuse is technically within the "legal" boundaries of the game. You're not changing anything about the game's "natural" code to get it to work. Some people feel this is more legitimate than hacking.

I think in this case, though, the final outcome is all that is really important. In the end, the entire point of hacking or RNG abusing is to avoid the tedium of playing the game and waiting for the RNG to "hit." So I don't really understand the point of RNG if you're capabale of just editing the data.

Hacking comes with risks, RNG abuse does not. You can make a game-breaking glitch 'mon with hacking.

RNG abused Pokemon also have trade value, whereas the trade value of a hack is literally zero except to other hackers.

RNG abused Pokemon will always pass any legitimacy test. Hacks are likely to fail if one mistake is made.

or you could just learn how to hack your pokemon to make them appear as rnged, which no one would be able to tell the difference.

but i guess having the majority of the public out of the know is a good thing. less likely for nintendo to bother doing something about it, and more for me to use for trades.
While the Metroid is sucking Samus dry, the game can stop and turn it into a calculus problem. - zoogelio

User Info: pmaster

3 years ago#32
I want Rng, but not hacking.
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