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User Info: Kitsune_Shinra

3 years ago#11
ChibiDeidara posted...
Kitsune_Shinra posted...
ChibiDeidara posted...
Tyranidomega posted...
Wait, you can fully pay off a game, as in the day you pick it up you can just grab your copy?

Yup =) so now all i have to do is get there on That Saturday morning and pick it up just need to bring my receipt ..well i think i do it's in their system that i paid for it but better safe than sorry

You don't need your receipt. I work for gamestop. :P All you need to do is know the phone number or name that the game is under, then we just pull up the info, and finalize the transaction and give you the game, takes like, literally a minute, if that, more so if you wanna buy more, plus the obligatory "Are there any other games coming out that you are looking forward to" line. Hahaha

I am jealous though, I have to wait to preorder my game because I am in the process of transferring/ moving, so I gotta wait till I am official in my new store to be able to preorder it. >_<

I wish i could preorder it for you Honestly i want all my friends and hopefully future friends to be able to get it i wish the best for you though =)

Haha, thanks! :D I only have to wait a week though, I leave on sunday and should arrive on monday night. Then I just gotta call my new manager and he will get me in within a week of that, and then I can do my stuff. Gotta re-preorder the new assassin's creed and batman as well at my new store. This is a good month for games. <3
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User Info: ChibiDeidara

3 years ago#12
@ Kitsune_Shinra That is awesome !!! once again i hope its a great move for you becareful !
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