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So Black and white is over...

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User Info: Lexifox

3 years ago#21
SUGARASHAD posted...
worst gen of all time

Someone forgot Gen 2.
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User Info: kclaujames

3 years ago#22
Nanis23 posted...
The last episode of gen 5 anime was aired today in Japan
It was indeed pretty bad,not Johto bad but still worse than most seasons
I would say Sinnoh>Kanto>Hoenn>Unova>Johto
(I really want to place Hoenn as second worst because of Max but Brock and May>>>Cilan and Iris)

It started out pretty good,Team Rocket was serious and finally interesting,Ash caught a new Pokemon in almost every episode,a new Pokemon made it's debut every episode and it really felt like this season is going to be awesome
It pretty much went downhill after that earthquake/tsunami in Japan that made team cancel Team Rocket vs Team Plasma
Seriously,everything got worse after that
And now Ash doesn't have a new Pojemon since Krokorok evolved until the end of the season (no Chrizard doesn't count)

Also,Trip sucks

This. I sympathize with their suffering from the earthquake. But still this.

User Info: Missingno_Mastr

3 years ago#23
Now, come one. The B/W anime wasn't THAT bad. You know what it is? The D/P anime rocked hard. That's what it is. I mean, come on- how do you follow an act like that? B/W isn't bad- it's just average to moderately good, and just looks bad in comparison to the series that came right before it.

User Info: Cyber Akuma Zero

Cyber Akuma Zero
3 years ago#24
Black and White and Red all over? :(
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User Info: PkmTrainerAbram

3 years ago#25
Battle Frointer or Honeen? Because if either I disagree.

This is the first time I feel nothing from the end of a saga. I feel NOTHING nostalgic about it as every promise BW had went unfulfilled.

It's not just that DP was better, BW had no development or nothing, actually going backwards in some areas. Any progress it DID make gets cancelled out by crap like Ash and Trips rivalry or actually making Ash regress when it started, despite showing all his accomplishments in the first episode. Or Iris being portrayed dumb as **** and Ash smarter than a group of scientists all in the same episode. How do you even do that?
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User Info: Hydroflame20

3 years ago#26
BishtrainerTai16 posted...
Ive had White since release and never finished. Got white 2 for cheap and still have no urge to play. Maybe because all of the starters suck imo. A fat pig that's fire/fighting. A water starter that starts off cool and ends up with the most boring design ever. My servine hits like a wet noodle. Actually, my whole team blows; cant take a punch and cant hit for crap. (and the watermonkey I got will evolve into a stupid hippie)

X and Y has already spoiled me, please come sooner. /blogfaqs

Lol what nice words you use they made me laugh.
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User Info: MDS2005

3 years ago#27
OshawottGuy4 posted...
I'm saying Oshawott will be gone from the Anime.

So character in the entire series....
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User Info: jobacohue

3 years ago#28
SUGARASHAD posted...
worst gen of all time

It may be the worst, but at least it's better than gen 4.
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