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What type gyms do you think there will be?

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User Info: PKMNgamer27

4 years ago#1
And in what order?

Heres what I think:

1. Bug (Confirmed)
2. Fairy (pokebeach rumor yet to be wrong)
3 Ice (seems to be near the potential fairy gym when looking at the map)
4 Fighting (pokebeach again)
5 Rock (Grant)
6 Grass (the rope swings seem to be towards the north of the map)
7 Dark (its been long enough)
8 Electric (Clemont apparently refused to battle Ash until he gets more badges, think it'd be cool to have the final gym battle inside the "Eiffel Tower")
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User Info: giant_joe67

4 years ago#2
i hope the gym are in this order:

AND fairy
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User Info: P0k3m0nWaRR10R8

4 years ago#3
1. Bug
2. Electric
3. Rock
4. Water
5. Fighting
6. Steel
7. Ice
8. Fairy

From Castelia, we go southwest toward the caves, where Grant's gym is, then we go to the towns to the east of the big cave, where we fight the Water gym leader. From there, we take on Korinna, the go to the harbor town, which is where the Steel gym leader is, the wrap around back to Castelia through the desert, where we'll get some Team Flare stuff. After that, proceed north toward the autumn-like area, then go south east to get to the Ice gym. From there, follow the lake to get to that giant pink statue, which is the Fairy gym leader, then head to the Elite Four, which is the giant castle surrounded by caves/mountains!

That's all speculation, of course, but I could see something like this happening.
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