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Gym leader type specialization

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User Info: yzman

4 years ago#11
ZTIger5 posted...
Sky_High_Dx posted...
ZTIger5 posted...
Might be interesting, but then they'd be so specialized their teams would be much too predictable and easy to beat.

Not necessarily. For example, let's take the Water/Ice example.

At least 2 pokemon with both-Lapras, Sealeo

Mono ice-Snorunt

Mono water-Wartortle

Now let's throw in Starmie for fighting types and Snorunt for grass types.

Of course it's not perfect coverage, but that's how the gyms work.

What. Starmie is Psychic =P

But okay, I get what you mean. Maybe I'm just stuck in tradition, but I still don't really like that. As if it's just the opposite and they're not specialized enough. Was there ever really a problem with how they are now?

He means that starmie as a psychic type can deal with fighting types... just like snorunt is an ice type that can deal with grass types.
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User Info: Sky_High_Dx

4 years ago#12
SpoonMan54321 posted...
i'd like for gym leaders to be based on something other than types... like one is a dog trainer and the whole gym has things like growlithe/arcanine, houndour/houndoom, etc. dogs may be a bad and limited example but you get the idea. maybe make the gym cats and dogs to have more variation. there's a million other themes you can use in this way.

I understand. I've always wanted to battle gyms that use a similar strategy (rain team, annoying, baton pass, volt-turn, etc) instead of types, but it doesn't look like types are going anywhere anytime soon.
Sky High Dx
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