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Your reaction: XY only has 100 new pokemon

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User Info: Heliotrope

4 years ago#31
Fine with me - especially if X/Y are as good as G/S/C were.
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User Info: Rahjik

4 years ago#32
I'm perfectly happy just to have pokemon battles in glorious 3D.
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User Info: Fardrassil

4 years ago#33
SuperSonicDBZ posted...

Even Gen numbers are officially the best.

2, 4 and now 6. It's now a law.

User Info: scitch1

4 years ago#34
would be fine

i mean there are over 600 pokemon in exsistence lol its not like there is few to go around

User Info: bigtim777

4 years ago#35
With all the 649 older ones (male, female, different forms etc.) and the mega-evolutions. I would not mind less Pokemon this time. Still having a rough time memorizing all the previous names. :P
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User Info: spooky96

4 years ago#36
DEKMStephens posted...
Comes down to how many of them suck
Rapid Spin Critical Hit.

User Info: Sammuthegreat

4 years ago#37
empireoffire posted...
Factoring Mega-Evolutions, I ain't even mad.

Totally the opposite of this. If we only get 100 Pokémon because the space for more proper evolutions was taken up by stupid temporary boosts, I'd be really píssed.

User Info: JustCallMe

4 years ago#38

User Info: Peachrules14

4 years ago#39
Back in January, it was rumored it would only be 50-60. I'm fine with 100.
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User Info: MaplesGrandGM

4 years ago#40
100 isn't enough. I will buy the game, I will play it, I will beat it, I will catch them all, but I will be sad the entire time, and wait anxiously for the next generation.
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