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Favorite poison pokemon

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User Info: Kitsune_Shinra

4 years ago#41
Nidoking hands down. I love the big purple bad@ss. <3 Honorable mention to Venusaur, who I also adore. Not really much of a poison type user myself, but I adore these 2, especially Nidoking. <3 He can be quite the powerhouse.
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User Info: Foxfire 99

Foxfire 99
4 years ago#42
Venusaur, Nidoking, Crobat. Not too sure I like much else in the 'poison' department :p
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User Info: zantx

4 years ago#43

User Info: Kitschgardener

4 years ago#44

I'd have to say Qwilfish because porcupinefish are awesome.
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