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How do you feel about the current designs overall?

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User Info: DarknessLink7

3 years ago#1
What do you feel about the designs of the Pokemon spoiled so far? - Results (98 votes)
Awesome! Almost all of them are nice!
54.08% (53 votes)
Very good, but a few really bad ones.
31.63% (31 votes)
Ok. There's a mix between good and bad designs.
11.22% (11 votes)
Bad. Too many horrible looking ones.
3.06% (3 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Curious to see people's opinions.
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User Info: hyperdimeduck

3 years ago#2
They're pretty good except for Inkay, Malamar and Srkelp.
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User Info: The_Dragonw

3 years ago#3
I don't like most of them.
There's always the rest, though.
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User Info: paipr

3 years ago#4
Funny how you dont have an option for liking all of them.

Personally I like all, some more than others. But I see the appeal in all, and can appreciate how some may like some that I'm not overly impressed with.
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User Info: Foxfire 99

Foxfire 99
3 years ago#5
Im pretty good with almost all of them actually! But I voted for the second option here, because I am still shaky on Chespin/ Quilladin. Although, if it has a nice third stage EVO, it will sort of redeem itself.

YES, I very much do like Doublade, thanks!! :P
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User Info: MidnightCrew

3 years ago#6
All gens have designs I really like and really dislike. Gen 5, for me, was the best, it had so many I absolutely loved, and most of my favourites come from there, and the ones I didn't care for just didn't interest me.

As for gen 6... So far, apart from Froakie, it's been mostly designs that just don't excite me. I don't hate them, I don't love them. But we have yet to see the rest of the dex~
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  3. How do you feel about the current designs overall?

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