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All I want is Pokegen/RNG to exist for X/Y...

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User Info: luigispezzotti

3 years ago#1
Will you be happy for these things to exist this generation? - Results (201 votes)
43.28% (87 votes)
56.72% (114 votes)
This poll is now closed.
And then I'll be happy.

User Info: StevenDrkPrince

3 years ago#2
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User Info: CakeOfLies

3 years ago#3
Yes to Pokegen, no to RNG abuse.
I'll Pokegen before I abuse the RNG. Both are cheating and I get the same results, but Pokegen is much less work.
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User Info: WolfJounin

3 years ago#4
Yes, because who cares as long as it isn't #$%^ like wondertomb in matches against players you don't know.
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User Info: MogKnightAzure

3 years ago#5
The problem is that Generation 5 and lower have connectivity to Gen 6 and will always have hacked pokemon. If a method to do the same for Gen 6 isn't developed then we wont see much Gen 6 pokemon in high-level competitive play :(

Alternatively, if they rework the way IVs can be manipulated such that pokemon are still 'unique' and people who strive for perfection can reach it in far less time, then I would be okay with no hacking.

I mean, either way, people who hack or people who don't... it doesn't really affect me. It's pretty simple: people who hack a bunch of legendary shinies on their team probably know sweet bugger all about battling outside of in-game so they are not threatening, and people who DO hack their pokemon well would have beaten my ass anyway even if my pokemon were hacked. Hacking has always been so accessible that there's really no room to complain - if you knew what competitive battling is actually like, you'd hack your pokemon, its easy. If you refuse to hack then complain about losing, the truth is you would probably lose even if you hacked :\

And then there are people who use pokemon that exist outside the boundaries of normal pokemon. But I'm quite certain there's no way to trick the game into letting you use these online anyway. If it IS possible, I've never seen it. All pokemon you see online, hacked or not, are 'legal' by the game's definitions.

User Info: lavos24551h

3 years ago#6
i dont want RNG, but Pokegen is fine with me

sicne you cant take non-legit pokemon online for trading/battlnig, pokegen is perfect for creating teams of pokemon who are legit stat/moveset/ability wise but while they are made perfect to legit boundaries, they are also not unfair because non-cheaters and people without Pokegen can make the same with enough time/effort

i dislike people who have that blanket-statement viewpoint that all people who use Action Replay or Pokegen/etc are inherently bad, because thats simply false, many people who use cheats or pokegen for Pokemon games still respect fair-play and dont use them to get an upper-hand on other people, but mainly for misc purposes like catching and/or training/raising pokemon to peak condition quicker than it otherwise would be

not everyone has the time to devote to things like that, i personally dont, so i used Pokegen to quick-create and EV/IV pokemon though i never went with perfecct IVs, and EVs are kinda up to the player how much should be allocated where, and i didnt go with the 252/252/4 spread into 3 stats all the time because in some cases the pokemon still got alot of benefit from less amounts of EVs allowing me to buff up other stats to be alot more competent than they were

but unless roms/emulators and/or F-carts work for 3ds/3ds games at some point, i dont see Pokegen returning cus you typically need to export savegame data for that and you cant do that easily or maybe at all with a retail game cart, but thats something im not very knowledgable on so cant say for sure if that cant be done with retail, but thats why pokegen allowed AR Cheat Output so that you could add modifications/pokemon/etc to your retail game rather than importing your entire save file
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User Info: pmaster

3 years ago#7
Rng yes. Pokegen no.

User Info: lavos24551h

3 years ago#8
i dont see why people think Pokegen is so evil, it cant make non-legit pokemon and let you take them on wifi thanks to changes to Nintendo Wifi Connection on Nintendo's end

thats how i check to make sure theres no data-errors in my pokegen pokemon, if i screwed up somewhere and mis-typed a value or something itll tell me in-game when i try to connect to GTS or Wifi battles "theres a problem with your pokemon" then disconnect me, which tells me i made a mistake and need to go back and double-check everthing to make sure all relevant fields have legit data entries

and im all for Nintendo trying to cut off the cheaters/hackers that intentionally design non-legal pokemon just to win over other people, while allowing the rest of us cheaters/pokegen'ers to stay and continue making legit pokemon that ensure fair play aand integrity of the spirit of the game by being essentially non-hacked as far as stats/moves/abilities being 100% natural, making a pokemon with legit stats/moves/etc that anyone can accomplish without cheats/pokegen is one thing, but making 999 Stat Wonder Guard full pokemon teams? get out of here with that garbage

i cheat/hack in pokemon games sure, but i dont want to see the games end up in such a bad state where people cheat to guarantee they win, wheres the fun much less sport in fighting a person on wifi/etc if you cant have a fair chance to win via skill?
PSN ID: Lavos2009 - Metroid Prime Hunters FC: 1765 51154 9720

User Info: jamieyello

3 years ago#9
I don't cheat cheating kills all the fun. And I don't want you to cheat because you'll be better than me. That's pretty much it.

User Info: StevenDrkPrince

3 years ago#10
jamieyello posted...
I don't cheat cheating kills all the fun. And I don't want you to cheat because you'll be better than me. That's pretty much it.
3DS FC: 4296-3067-2375 - $teven from Kalos
"War. War never changes." LOOKING FOR PUDGE
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