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All I want is Pokegen/RNG to exist for X/Y...

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User Info: MogKnightAzure

4 years ago#11
StevenDrkPrince posted...
jamieyello posted...
I don't cheat cheating kills all the fun. And I don't want you to cheat because you'll be better than me. That's pretty much it.

All the 'cheating' is doing is reducing the time it takes to get the pokemon you want and nothing more. There is no unfair or unattainable advantages at play here. A person who doesn't cheat is still quite capable of having a team identical to a hacked one, it just takes days of work rather than gameplay to accomplish. They would still beat you.

User Info: Kapuxa

4 years ago#12
I'd be happier if they make a program to ONLY check IVs and EVs.

User Info: lavos24551h

4 years ago#13
mog, ty

these people dont understand that me or others cheating doesnt "make us better than them"

it simply lets us aquire things quicker and with less work, or in other cases, access stuff we may not be able to for various reasons *cough* Keys in B2/W2 *cough* (i didnt have any local friends who play or even own a DS/3DS anymore, and i dont have 2 systems so couldnt unlock/transfer keys from the other version on my own) ty cheats for letting me unlock all the Keys!

even with my perfectly EV'd legit pokemon from pokegen, i can still be beaten

the main reason its semi-unlikely is because ive been playing Pokemon RPGs since the original Red/Blue/Yellow in the late 90s on Gameboy, and so in turn i have alot of experience in the games and their mechanics and how they work, so me having perfected legit pokemon isnt the reason i win, cus i can win without that too

i win cus im just experienced with the games, but then again, that kinda goes without saying, take someone who is new to a game/franchise and pit them against someones whos been around a while and learned the ropes a long time ago, its almost guaranteed the veteran will win simply from having all that experiencce and know-how

cheating doesnt make people like me better or make us win, we win when cus we have skill and know how to play the game because weve typically been around for a long time, btw im 25, i started pokemon when i was maybe 12

so that should tell you how long ive been around the games, practically since their conception
PSN ID: Lavos2009 - Metroid Prime Hunters FC: 1765 51154 9720

User Info: MogKnightAzure

4 years ago#14
I don't doubt that people who hack their pokemon can be terrible battlers. It's just not a blanket statement. Time spent developing pokemon is 99% running a bike back and forth, so whether you skip this process or not.. it doesn't have any bearing on your ability to actually battle with these pokemon. You can't just run a team of your favourite picks in OU and expect to win... half of it is having a strong grasp on all the intricacies of the current metagame... knowing what to expect from ANY pokemon you face, predicting what your opponent is going to use and planning your own moves accordingly.

You may have heard something similar to this in other games: It's not Skill > Strength, it's both or GTFO.

User Info: lavos24551h

4 years ago#15
exactly mog

while i didnt really touch on the strength aspect of strength+skill, your correct, its not just skill that determines the winner, but both

skill and knowing the games/intricacies however does play a large role, but even us cheaters are capable of being outplayed, whether our team simply isnt prepared for a specific scenario we may encounter by its composition or we make a mistake which humans can easily do even if we are experienced (like pressing the wrong attack on accident cus your fingers got ahead of your brain or somethin)

theres many things that can lead to us being beaten even if we do have skill and strength

but thats why i like pokemon, theres no true "beats everything" strategy and it can be insanely fun to see what kinds of pokemon people use in battles, youll occasionally see some rare stuff, and when that happens to me, i dont care if i lose, im happy just to see such uncommonly used pokemon having their 5 seconds of fame, and also team composition experimentation can be really fun too, i once ran a Sandstorm/Hail team that focused on pokemon with Sand Veil and Snow Cloak and the appropriate Weather types

i did end up losing but because i didnt prepare properly and make sure in addition to the 25% boost from the weather/abilities that i also had Double Team or Minimize

the 25% evasion from the weather does make a noticable difference, but adding 3-6 stacks of Evasion on that helps more, and these pokemon werent vulnerable to stuff like Faint Attack or the other "always hits" moves from Gen 4 so that didnt play a role in my defeat, was purely my lack of proper preparation/foresight
PSN ID: Lavos2009 - Metroid Prime Hunters FC: 1765 51154 9720

User Info: FullAutoCVT

4 years ago#16
It's so pathetic when people whine about Pokegen. They're just jealous because other people didn't toss hours away riding back and forth on a bike like they did. As if doing so makes them elite or something.

User Info: lavos24551h

4 years ago#17
i think that might be the core of the issue sadly

i mean, us guys who use pokegen dont have any real advantage, all we did is essentially take a shortcut from an otherwise long process

but we still get labelled with that classic blanket-statement that were all "bad" or that "cheating is bad no matter what" despite many of us wanting nothing more than fair play and friendly competition, and to that end we cheat in ways that dont give us an upper hand

thus enabling fair play and friendly competition to keep existing peacefully

besides, the only way one couldd really telll on wifi if your entire team was pokegen'd is if your one of those weirdos who makes ALL their pokemon Shiny, which i personally dont see the point in doing that, i only do it on a seldom few pokemon cus i like the alt-colors, but the vast majroity of mine ARENT shiny, besides, being Shiny isnt anything truly special, its an extremely rare natural occurence sure, but theres nothing about it that gives you an edge over anyone else so to me its just somerthing of a fancy i seldom indulge in, not really something to focus all my efforts on

besides, i truly think some Shiny pokemon look horrible color-wise XD
PSN ID: Lavos2009 - Metroid Prime Hunters FC: 1765 51154 9720

User Info: ectoBiologist

4 years ago#18
FullAutoCVT posted...
It's so pathetic when people whine about Pokegen. They're just jealous because other people didn't toss hours away riding back and forth on a bike like they did. As if doing so makes them elite or something.

this. i don't know anyone who gets enjoyment out of spending their time hatching eggs looking for the right pokemon for hours on end. pokegen has saved me what would've been hundreds of hours making pokemon that i was able to make in under 5 minutes each. they all pass the legality checks too, so no one would ever know that they were hacked unless i told them.

but you know, people will whine over anything. that being said, i'm going to enjoy their tears once december comes, and i'm transferring all of my hacks over to battle them with.
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User Info: Meltemi_Rafala

4 years ago#19
I definitely want an RNG to be in Pokemon X and Y. I mean, can you imagine what Pokemon would be like if there was no way to generate random numbers? You wouldn't be able to have random battles; your attacks would always inflict the exact same damage without any variability; IVs couldn't be randomly determined; the AI would have to be rebuilt from scratch...

Oh, you mean RNG abuse? Well, I hope they pick an algorithm other than the Mersenne Twister that's more difficult to break wide open, but other than that, I don't really care. People will figure it out either way, so it's not really worth getting fussed over. As for the Pokegen, I'm rather fine with it as well.
All above is completely true and accurate, unless it isn't.

User Info: vchu8

4 years ago#20
lavos24551h posted...
but unless roms/emulators and/or F-carts work for 3ds/3ds games at some point, i dont see Pokegen returning cus you typically need to export savegame data for that and you cant do that easily or maybe at all with a retail game cart, but thats something im not very knowledgable on so cant say for sure if that cant be done with retail, but thats why pokegen allowed AR Cheat Output so that you could add modifications/pokemon/etc to your retail game rather than importing your entire save file

For retail games, at least with gen 4/5, there's IR-GTS. I've been able to port Pokemon from my games and back using it. It's like Pokecheck, except it doesn't attach a ribbon to your Pokemon to make it illegal. There's some limitations but you can generally work around those once you get to actually making the Pokemon file in Pokegen.

I'm not sure if they'll get it working yet in gen 6, but if the GTS servers work anything like they do for 4 and 5, it'll be a matter of time before you'll be able to send Pokemon files between the 3DS and your PC. And, from there, being able to hack Pokemon onto retail carts.

Anyhow, personally...I don't tend to do this stuff, but only because I don't play competitively. I like the sense of satisfaction I get from breeding a Pokemon myself, but that's only because I don't worry about IVs, usually just moves and ability (and sometimes nature). I know about IR-GTS and Pokegen because I have, in the past, played around with it for fun, and once I'm ready to replay Soul Silver I'm gonna use it to move my Pokes around (including remaking the Spiky Ear Pichu you can't normally trade) so I can hang onto them in Heart Gold. So yeah, I support Pokegen.
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