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How important are IVs for casual to semi-competitive play?

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User Info: zidane7007

4 years ago#1
So I have never played a Pokemon game before with any mind towards min/maxing stats. With the new ones I plan to at least track EVs and natures so I don't have a just horrible pokemon like I am sure I have had before, but IVs are so much harder to track without a significant time investment.

So here is the question: for someone who just wants to play the story, mess around with lots of neat new pokemon, and play semi-competitively with local friends (meaning that they don't hardcore IV train either, but we still try to build good teams with EVs, natures etc.), how important are IVs really? Does a potential 31 point difference in any given stat make a significant difference when not playing online with other hardcore players who max out IVs? I know that the difference in points could somewhat affect even our friendly matchups, but it shouldn't be enough to make our battles one sided based on luck with the RNG alone, will it?
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User Info: Arne83

4 years ago#2
Unless you plan on going full competitive... IV's shouldn't even be on your radar.
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User Info: CakeOfLies

4 years ago#3
IVs aren't that important for just playing the game with friends or if you play for fun.

Heck, I play online and I completely ignore IVs, yet I clean up all the time.
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User Info: zidane7007

4 years ago#4
Perfect, thanks guys! Personally I have enough issues just trying to get a pokemon I want that has the ability and nature that I want that I really don't want to have to deal with much RNG beyond that.
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User Info: InhaledCorn

4 years ago#5
IVs will make a difference in the Battle Whatever stuff if you decide to do them. Also, IVs determine the type and power of a Pokemon's Hidden Power. The biggest IV you need to always worry about is Speed. A single point really does make all the difference.
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User Info: The Eternal Evil

The Eternal Evil
4 years ago#6
A higher speed means you will always outspeed them.

A higher attack will cause more damage.

So long as you know EVs the only significant stats that can have an effect on casual competitive players is attention on speed.

If you are for example using only outstanding Pokemon as an example and your opponents do not chances are RNG isn't going to matter too much as you outspeed and damge them.

However general team composition can have a large effect as well as if it is single or double battles. Generaly speaking though the less you all know about IVs and EVs or the less you do with them, the more likely someone with more knowledge in IVs and EVs can beat you.

You may want to restrict pokemon to say, above average potential overall to keep the playing field more level among your friends.
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User Info: usdmike181

4 years ago#7
I am assuming that they will make IV's more transparent this time around (hopefully?).

If not, there is always "the judge" who tells you how your pokemon is overall. Without a huge time investment you could breed several pokemon, or catch several that you want to use, take them all to "the judge" and then use the one that he says is the best or has the best stats.

The judge never gives a numeric value, but he will say if the are average, decent, or excellent overall.

I would be surprised if they don't at least have a judge in this game.
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User Info: lavos24551h

4 years ago#8
i can tell you from experience both as someone who has done min/maxing on EV/IV values both the natural way and via cheating/pokegen

IVs dont make much difference, Speed may, but im pretty sure having 0 in an IV and 31 in an IV isnt an actual difference of 31 points, else in pokegen i probly wouulda went for 100% Perfect IVs, but biggest change i saw was 10-14 points, IVs also (i beleive) have to do with a pokemons base and natural stats, so the amount seems to vary based on how strong the pokemon is in that stat regardless of EV/IV points, if thats true for example, a Gengar will get better gains from Speed/Special Attack IVs than a Clefable cus its got much higher base speed/special attack thus its very strong in those 2 stats even if you dont include EVs

EVs are the bigger thing, as 252 EVs in a stat is iirc +63 points in that stat assuming you have the EVs and then get all the level-ups via EXP, since EVs are only granted after aquisition if the pokemon levels up via EXP

thankfully, in gen 5 we have this little wonder called Audino which is very easy to find after the first gym for practically the entire game, if your familiar with how much EXP a Chansey or Happiny gives upon defeat, Audino is just like that and not hard to beat either, can be annoying at the lower levels due to their movepool but far from impossible

but Audino is apparently back on gen 6 if i saw the one original trailer for X/Y right where the player encountered a Wild Audino in a very brief clip

but only use audino to level and get EVs once you have the EVs you want, cus each +1 to a stat is 4 EV points and theres no pokemon in the game you can fight that gives more than 2 EVs to any one stat if i recall right, there are Vitamins (those things that sell to marts for 4900 $ or can be bought for 9800) which give +10 to an EV stat but cant be used on a pokemon past 100 EVs, even if not all of those 100 EV came from Vitamins

also EVs max out at 512, and while you can get up to 255 in a single stat, its best to go to 252 because doing that in 2 stats leaves you with 6 ev points, tho +1 to another stat is basically nothing, its better than wasting those 6 EV points and not getting anything from it by keeping them in the primary 2 stats
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