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can you believe this mess???

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User Info: ryudin89

4 years ago#11
Oh that old church vid..... Was expecting something stupid like gligar13.
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User Info: lavos24551h

4 years ago#12
the church is odds with just about everything

and they wonder why Atheism is growing rapidly in america and are sstill denouncing it as "devil worship" when in reality Atheism is "worship of nothing"

people lose faith in religion when religion does stupid things or acts inhuman to fellow humans

but yeah, im not shocked by that vid either

theress alot of fools out there, istill see people who think Pokemon is "g.ay" or "only for kids and if your a late teen or adult you need to 'grow up'"

truth be told, their all idiots, pokemon is a game anyone can enjoy if that type of game suits their fancy, plus the reason i still play since i was age 12 (25 now) is cus its remained an enjoyable series and never let me down

the people who need to "grow up" are the ones who hate on pokemon or hate people who like pokemon for all those stupid self-delusional and often logic-devoid reasons, Pokemon isnt just for kids, thats just what its marketed to primarily, but the Rating is E and i think actually E10+ so that means its perfectly suitable to just about anyone of any age

ESRB is only a guideline sure, but its usually fairly accurate given the contents of a game, a game with blood/gore/porn certainly isnt a kids game hence usually the M or even AO ratings on said games

but people have all sorts of delusions about pokemon and even Nintendo as a company, alll those fools who think the DS/Wii systems are "kids systems"? are deluding themselves, Nintendo has always been a family-friendly oriented company even back to the days of the NES/SNES, so they make and/or publish a wide range of titles ranging from kids to teens to adults to anyone in between, they simply lack a specific specializiation in age-range gaming, doesnt mean their strictly for kids, but this is also why they sell so many systems and games, cus they have something for just about everyone

but thats partly why Nintendo is so successful especially in all the turmoil the gaming industry is stuck in atm, family-friendly companies appeal to a much broader/bigger audience and thus get more total sales, the recent-years turmoil of gaming is forcing companies like Capcom or Square Enix to near-bankruptcy, its forcing Sony and Microsoft to lose alot of money on the PS4 and Xbox One, but Nintendo is still fairly well-off compared to everyone else, their not at risk of going under anytime soon where Sony and Microsoft and the actual game-creation companies have to be incredibly cautious with what they do cus Capcom and Square Enix have barely enough in the bank to keep the company running and Sony/Microsoft simply are doing pretty poor sales-wise and not making enough $ to keep their company going strong for much longer
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