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share your hardest challenge(s) in any pokemon game from gen 1-4

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User Info: giant_joe67

3 years ago#1
my hardest challenges is in order:

gen 1: fighting rival champion

gen 2: blackthorn gym fighting with my typlosion

gen 4: champion cynthina fight

gen 5: final gym in black and white 1
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User Info: FireSeer

3 years ago#2
Gen 1: Being young and battling onix in Pokemon Blue with charmander
Gen 2: Freaking Clair
Gen 4: Elite four being 15 levels higher ugh
Gen 5: First time I played Black, Ghetsis' god damn Hydreigon
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User Info: shagohad3

3 years ago#3
Beating Firered's elite 4. Really have no idea why that was so hard at the time.
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User Info: MM125

3 years ago#4
Gen III: Realizing you could walk under Cycling Road.

That's kind of it.
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User Info: CakeOfLies

3 years ago#5
Gen 4: Trying to beat SoulSilver using a team of 6.
Gen 5: Having the patience for IV Breeding.
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User Info: deidara21

3 years ago#6
Gen 3 Ghost elite 4. Damn bulky pokes with pressure >_> Also Tate and Liza

Gen 4 Cynthia
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User Info: kratos_jadelove

3 years ago#7
Pokemon Firered Elite Four and Champion. I swear, I spent weeks grinding to survive Lorelei and Green. I was only seven or so, and was only grinding my Charizard and later my Blastoise, but still. Freaking hard.

User Info: boarbaque

3 years ago#8
Gen 1: Sabrina in yellow
Gen 2: Lance
Gen 3: Norman R/S (why do you need TWO slakings!)
Gen 4: Fantina She only got worse when she was earlier.
Gen 5: Black white 2 Iris. I was completly sweeping her team and everone was at full health, but then she sent out her HAXORus. I used dragon claw with my own Haxorus, but Her's had a focus sash! Because it used dragon dance that turn it was faster than every pokemon I had, and proceeded do annihilate my whole team. I would've lost the nuzlocke (yes this was a nuzlocke) if my Golduck, which I was using as an hm slave didn't survive with 15 hp!

User Info: MoonLightCloud

3 years ago#9
Why's the topic title say Gen 1-4, but then you list Gen 5, TC? XD
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User Info: DarknessLink7

3 years ago#10
My no-sleep Pokewalker only Nuzlocke run of Soul Silver. Took me a little over 48 hours and I had to walk over 60000 steps. That was hard.
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