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Oh.. My God.

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User Info: AlmightyPushPop

3 years ago#1
Is it like a fad to hate Gen 1? Seriously all I see are little kids going around hating on people who only like gen 1, so what if they do. I see more hate for genwunners than I see genwunners. Speaking of Genwunner, that word gets thrown around so much it's annoying. It's like you kids just saw an actual genwunner, seen someone call them that and just started throwing that word around to anyone who likes gen 1. It's like the word lost it's meaning. And the people who hate gen 1 is just as annoying. You have some sort of superiority complex because you're upset towards a game. Grow up, real genwunners are just as annoying as people who hate on genwunners.

TL;DR People who hate genwunners and gen 1 are just as worse as genwunners.
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User Info: Bogmire216

3 years ago#2
typical rantings of a closeted genwunner
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User Info: MDS2005

3 years ago#3
AlmightyPushPop posted...
TL;DR People who hate genwunners and gen 1 are just as worse as genwunners.

Not really. at all.
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User Info: invaderofdark

3 years ago#4
I love Pizza!
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User Info: ChibiDeidara

3 years ago#5
I Like All Generations i don't really care what others think about them when it comes down to it.., it's just overbloated opinions and personal preference
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User Info: jayman7

3 years ago#6
I've never seen anyone on this board hate the first gen.

I always see the "duh, i nevar c n e genwunnerz!!1" claim, but this time I stand by it. I have never seen anyone hate the first gen.

Hating genwunners =/= hating the first gen.
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User Info: Sloth9230

3 years ago#7
(message deleted)

User Info: Purugly

3 years ago#9
it's just the fan-****s trying to make it bad to hate old things

you can just ignore the clowns that use the term "genwunner"; they're never actually looking for debate, only a hive mind

User Info: Todasmile

3 years ago#10
I love Gen 1. Grew up playing that stuff. Fun as heck. Never finished it, but I loved that game anyways. I remember having a Blastoise or something by the S.S Anne. Had no clue what I was doing. So great.

Never even played Gen 2. Gen 3 is my favorite. Played Ruby twice, then a few years later I bought Emerald and played it again. Love Gen 3 to hell and back. I miss it. Gen 4 was okay. Gen 5 was okay. I liked the graphical improvements.
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