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Is Iris black

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User Info: yoshirulezzz

4 years ago#1
just wondering

User Info: FireSeer

4 years ago#2
Here comes Frogadier
And you are not swayed either way--more of a neutral presence.

User Info: deidara21

4 years ago#3
No, she's Japanese.
Girl:No thank you. I take it black, *sips coffee* like my men.

User Info: CakeOfLies

4 years ago#4
I'm not easily impressed; I'm usually oblivious to whatever's in front of me.
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User Info: Lexifox

4 years ago#5
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User Info: FullAutoCVT

4 years ago#6

User Info: SoraOwnsOctopus

4 years ago#7
Nah, she's Filipino.
F*** b****es
Get money

User Info: Sir_Badass

4 years ago#8
deidara21 posted...
No, she's Japanese.

Does that mean every character who isn't dark-skinned like her is Caucasian?

Why does Japan make everything about us?

User Info: Yumi_san

4 years ago#9
I've always assumed that she's Okinawan-Japanese. Okinawa has a tropical climate and so the people there have darker skin than most Japanese.
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~ FotR

User Info: Galwen

4 years ago#10
deidara21 posted...
No, she's Japanese.

Japanese isn't a race.
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