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Does anyone NOT name their pokemon?

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User Info: Mattrules64

3 years ago#111
I don't tend to I just can't be bothered to

User Info: rutsahl_

3 years ago#112
No. Even Ash doesn't name his Pokemon. He just calls it Pikachu.
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User Info: Maximoom

3 years ago#113
I always give a nickname to my starter, to my Arcanine (if the version have it available) and my dittos (i name them stuff like "AdamantAtk", "AdamantSpd"...)

Sometimes I nickname pokemons that gonna stay in the main team for a while and I never nickname legendaries.

User Info: Hardy_Fan21

3 years ago#114
I only bother if I'm Nuzlocking.
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User Info: Marcster1994

3 years ago#115
I used to give really lame names back then. Now their either real names or puns(named my Scrafty "Hammy")
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User Info: chaocross

3 years ago#116
I used to name them with a number in the order they were obtained

Starter = 1
Early filler= 2-5

In game trades counted but since you couldn't nickname them the number would skip. I'd end up with a team like 17, 6, 23, 18, 1, 12 by the end but I don't think we can nickname numbers anymore
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User Info: squirrel_boy

3 years ago#117
I only name them if a good, fitting name pops into my head by the time i catch it.

User Info: Dark7Knights1

3 years ago#118
I only name the Pokemon I know I'm gonna be using, the rest I just leave their name as it is. If I don't name them, I don't care for them.
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