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User Info: invaderofdark

3 years ago#1
New type of ball. Thief Ball. Price: 10,000 Pokedollars. Allows you to still a trainers pokemon.
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User Info: FireSeer

3 years ago#2
Pffft not original. I used to do this back in the days of Dragon Warrior Monster on gameboy. In that game it was common practice to steal your opponent's monsters! awesome.
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User Info: Bogmire216

3 years ago#3
wouldn't the trainers chase you down or retaliate in some way if you caught their pokemon? Surely you wouldn't be able to casually walk away from the battle like nothing happened lol
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User Info: gladwyn101

3 years ago#4
*buys Thief Ball, steals Officer's Pokemon*
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User Info: AboveTopSecret

3 years ago#5
What makes this Ball different? Is it invisible? The problem was Trainer smacking your balls away.
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User Info: Ansem_the_evil

3 years ago#6
Like the snag machine from colloseum/XD that allow you to turn balls into snag balls to catch trainers pokemon, but you could only capture shadow pokes though
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User Info: TruePowerSeeker

3 years ago#7
AboveTopSecret posted...
What makes this Ball different? Is it invisible? The problem was Trainer smacking your balls away.

In certain circles smacking someone's balls is quite a pleasant thing.
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