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Why do people act like pokedex entries matter?

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User Info: DarkBuster22904

3 years ago#1
I mean, they're cool from a lore perspective, i guess, but when it comes down to it, they dont matter a damn bit.

Chandelure can apparently vaporize souls. Unless you're using one. Then it doesnt do any of that. Ever.

Gardevoir can create black holes. Except it cant. Damn.

I'm fairly sure entei would have destroyed the world by now if it caused eruptions every time it barked.

Magikarp can leap over mountains. Badass. Good luck using one without evolving it.

Seriously, how do pokedex entries make pokemon "better" in some people's opinion? They dont do/mean anything.

User Info: ZTIger5

3 years ago#2
Yeah, most of them are horribly exaggerated just to make them all sound badass and cool when very little of it is realistically possible. Of course this is Pokemon we're talking about, so logic is thrown out the window, but still.
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User Info: Sega9599

3 years ago#3
The best one is for Kadabra. He was just a boy till he woke up one morning transformed.
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User Info: biohazard151

3 years ago#4
I think id be really good at that, like hired on just to make pokedex entries

Druddigon: It was this statue that at night becomes real or something, like that kids show
Alakazam: Failed iron chef turned card reader, few run ins with the law led him to a life of psychic crime
Mew: Mewtwos aborted fetus, its alive cuz magic
Golurk: some jewish statue that got sick of the "rat race"
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User Info: DarkBuster22904

3 years ago#5
I mean, dont get me wrong. I love it when the lore stuff is included in universe.

For example, the plotline with hypno kidnapping and hypnotizing that little girl in FR. That was a ballsy move for nintendo, especially in a world where the Soccer Mom Federation of America weilds almost dictatorial power.

But by and large, these entries are pointless, and do nothing to make any given pokemon more or less awesome.

User Info: Bogmire216

3 years ago#6
Victini's dex entry:

This Pokémon brings victory. It is said that Trainers with Victini always win, regardless of the type of encounter.

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User Info: DarkBuster22904

3 years ago#7

User Info: Lexifox

3 years ago#8
Because entertaining fluff is always nice.
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User Info: hyperdimeduck

3 years ago#9
I like reading them.
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User Info: mustardpi314

3 years ago#10
you would lose your soul every time you sent Shedinja into battle.
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