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Is it worth buying Pokemon Black or White ver. 2?

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User Info: FGT_ICHIGO94

4 years ago#1
I'm asking this question because I currently got Pokemon White ver. since the first day it came out and I was wondering if I need to get Pokemon Black or White 2 for the continuation. I though heard that it's the same game as the previous one and that the only difference is that version 2 gets the zekrom/kyurem fusion or the reshiram/kyurem fusion and that's all. So do u guys think it's worth it for only that legendary? I'm patienlly waiting for Pokemon X & Y to come out and I started playing my Pokemon White version this week on friday just to lvl up some of my legendary's to lvl 100 and such so that I can transfer my Pokemon's from White ver. to either Pokemon X or Y, Once I'm done finishing beating Pokemon X or Y. Oh and I'm getting X btw.
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User Info: p00platys

4 years ago#2
Whoever told you they were the same obviously never played BW2. They're much better than the original BW, so yeah, I'd recommend them.
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User Info: FireSeer

4 years ago#3
I, and I believe the general consensus, would highly recommend you play Black 2 or White 2. It does continue the story, but more than that it is simply a great game with a good diversity of pokemon to choose from.
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User Info: Tigo73

4 years ago#4
BW2 is my favourite Pokemon game by a landslide, so I recommend that you play It at some point. But if you don´t think you can beat them before XY, you may as well wait.
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User Info: FGT_ICHIGO94

4 years ago#5
Oh okay, Thanks guys! Looks like I will then be buying the game soon. I got to beat it quickly before X & Y comes out.
PSN: TensaZangetsu190
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User Info: Doctor_Spanky

4 years ago#6
BW2 are different enough from BW that they're worth buying

User Info: ExcIusivity69

4 years ago#7
BW2 are better than the original BW.
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