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User Info: ShadowOfDeath

4 years ago#11
Great_Reapette posted...
ShadowOfDeath posted...
Guys This Is How I Talk. Don't You All Type Like You Talk?

I Don't Put Emphasis On Every Single Word Because That Draws Attention Away From My Point.

Then Everything Is Going Exactly As I Planned. Or You Are Just Way Too Easily Distracted. Back On Topic, It Makes Me Rethink All Those "Would You/Do You Play Pokemon In Public" Topics. Not Sure I Could Do It. Especially If GameFreak Through In Some Fancy Formulas That Alter What Wild Pokemon You Encounter Based On Physical Location, Amount Of Light On Screen, Percentage Of Colors On Screen, Etc.
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User Info: 1998_z

4 years ago#12
omega4692 posted...
CakeOfLies posted...
Is There Any Reason You're Capitalizing Every Word?

He's a capitalist.
Official Nozomi and Trumpeter of the SMT4 board.
The sole rule of any videogamer is to save save save. Especially when something rare happens. - LightHawKnight
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